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-Good morning! -said the little Prince.
-Good morning! -replied the shopkeeper.
It was a dealer of very sophisticated pills, which calming thirst. If a pill is taken a week is not needed to drink any liquid during that time.
-Why are you selling that? -said the little Prince.
-Is a great economy of time - answered the merchant - experts have done calculations and they have proven they are saved fifty-three minutes per week.
- And what you can do with those fifty-three minutes?
-Each one can do whatever he wants...
-If I had fifty-three free minutes to spend on what I would, I would calmly head a Crystal stream.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
An indigenous rested quiet in his small boat and spent there an industrialist who was taken aback with the laziness of the indigenous.
-Do you ever work?
-Work Yes, I am a fisherman.
- And why then not fishing?
-Because I've caught what I needed today. - And why not fishing more than you need to? -For what I want it to?
-You could sell it, make lots of money, you buy an outboard motor...
- And what would I do with that?
-Would gain much more, could buy new boats, riding an industry...
- And then?
-It would be rich, an important person would do is...
- And then?
-Well, then it could withdraw quiet to rest.
- And has been set that that's what I'm already doing?
L to modern culture, dedicated purely to produce, stack and consume, is neglecting the ability to enjoy, peace of mind, of the quiet calm. We're becoming unable to admire a starry night, a sunset, a gesture of solidarity, a smile of child... To all puts a price, and any value not measurable or quantifiable, everything may not buy or sell in the market, is considered useless. Things are Lord over people and instead of RID, new technology often enslaves us. We all crave and run behind the new inventions, entered in the shake of the big supermarket that the world has become. Super informed of everything that happens in any country, had never lived more ignorant, more unsupportive, more locked in on ourselves, because all are vanaliza, becomes mere spectacle, on show. We communicate continuously with wife via cell phone, we say that we are at the airport, which we have already left the office, but then we are unable to have a deep conversation with her, we don't have time to listen to it really.
We teach to produce and to work, but not never lose the capacity for joy, the deep joy of simplicity, enjoying ' the now ' life is made.
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