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Last night I dreamed that I was walking with Jesus on the shore of the beach under a silver moon. They appeared in the sky scenes of my past that I looked stunned. In every scene, I saw two rows of strong treads that were taxed at the arena. They were my footprints and fingerprints of the Lord. But I noticed that on some pieces of the way of my life, especially in the most problematic and difficult moments, when my heart is full of anguish and sadness, appeared only a row of footprints.
Then I returned my eyes to the Lord and told him to claim:
-I do not understand, Mr. You told me that if I I decided to follow you, you always walk beside me, and now I see that there is only one row of footsteps during the hardest parts of my life, which indicates to me that you left me just when most needed your help.
Then the Lord I stroked with the sweetest of her looks and told me:
-I understand your confusion and uneasiness. But you never let only. If you look closely, you'll see that in those difficult moments of your life, when only a row of footprints, fingerprints sink deeper in the sand. It is that, on these occasions, I you had loaded in my arms.
If we truly believe that we are children of God, who created us for love and solicitous accompanies us on all the steps of our lives, we should never fear nothing and, despite the difficulties and problems, we would have to live in happiness. «If God is with me, who can be against me?», should be seasoned and convincing cry in our afflictions.
I remember that, on one occasion, I heard him tell Pedro Trigo the case of an exemplary Lady, Catechist, delivered, always ready to service, a deep spirituality. That blessed lady was by the more sinister alleys of neighborhood populated by thugs, where were continuous clashes and the shootings between different bands. In hours that everyone kept it is locked up in your home, the good lady walked quiet through the streets visiting a sick person, Mauritian, throwing a hand to the family who needed your help.
- And does not fear you that someday pass him something bad, that hijacking it, that gets you a stray bullet? -asked Pedro Trigo.
-See, father, I know that God is always with me. So, if one day I attacked or it reaches me a bullet, I know that at that time also God will be by my side, and then now no matter what I may happen to me.
Barefoot Martin set out to invent the our Father God, i.e., God's answer to our prayers when we pray the Lord's prayer:
My son that you are in the land concerned, solitary, tempted, I perfectly know your name and make it as sanctifying it, because I love you.
You are not, not only, but inhabited by me, and together we build this Kingdom that you're going to be the heir.
I like to do my will, because my will is that you're happy, since the glory of God is the living man.
Always count on me and you can have bread for today; don't worry, I only ask you know you share it with your brothers.
You know that I forgive all your trespasses even than kites, so I ask that you do the same with those who trespass against you.
So you never fall into temptation to hold strong in my hand and I will deliver you from evil, poor and my beloved son.
Genuine educator guides its students to the maturation of a faith that sees in God to a caring and good father who created us to happiness, and invites us to live in true brotherhood relations. If you really believe that we are children of God and that we are all brothers, our faith must assume the commitment to work for truly fraternal relationships, discarding all selfish, arrogant, hypocritical and offensive attitude.
The Christian educator should reflect their faith in his life. For this reason, within its limitations, it will be always walk beside their students, willing to assist you with special love and dedication, especially when they are in serious problems and difficulties. That students feel that, whatever they do, they will never alone, because you can always count on their support and understanding
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