The enemy is within you

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There was once a monk seeking perfection in everything. Couldn't stand the minor desafino in religious chants, a wrinkle in garment, a bad wash dish, a wrong word, an error or mistake by insignificant to go. It was intolerable if a classmate yawning in religious services or if it saw a speck of dust on the banks of the Church.
He suffered much with his companions in the monastery and convinced that there not it was going to be possible to find perfection, asked permission to the Abbot to go to live completely alone. The essential was: some clothes, his books of prayers and a pitcher to catch water from the river.
He chose for his dwelling a very beautiful place, spent the night in prayer, and when radiated dawn, birds and flowers awoke, he thought grateful that there, finally, it would be perfection.
By midmorning it was thirsty, went to the River to fetch water, and charging the pitcher spilled him a little. Did not accept that minimal imperfection, threw the water with spite and she is wet it and they blew the feet with the dust of the road. He returned to grab water again and again turned him to shed. He repeated the restless, and the third time operation, full of anger, broke the pitcher.
«The cause of my anger is not in others - it was said when he began to calm down - the enemy is here in».
He returned to the monastery and asked forgiveness from that day began to see with new eyes loving fellow.
No one is more intolerable that feels perfect. The consciousness of our limitations makes us understanding with others. The saints are who recognize more naturally their many sins and limitations. Don't blame others for your mistakes, or complain about the consequences of your actions. If you insist on travel rough roads, you don't regret when they hurt you thorns.
There are people who spend it are blaming others for what happens, not wanting to accept that one is the result of itself. Never forget that the best treasure is the peace of heart. Learn to laugh at your own fault and not take never too seriously.
Only who recognizes his limitations, its own contradictions and shortfalls, and accepted as proposal for improvement, of growth, i.e., training, will be able to receive love and therefore you can give it. You will be able to learn and to teach. He who believes he knows everything, which is placed with self-sufficiency to the student, which thinks that it does not need of others, will be unable to establish a true educational relationship, will be unable to understand the need for your own education, is therefore unable to educate.
The personality of the teacher, his radical way of being and living in the world and with others, what makes and not so much the words he says, are the key element of the educational relationship. One explains what he knows or believes to know, but one teaches what is. If you are humble, you are promoting and teaching humility. If you're shallow and vain, you communicate triviality. If you live to be bitter and you spend complaining, you teach mistrust, bitterness and pessimism. If you're single, close, transmit closeness, trust.
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