Aesop's Fables: The lion, the Fox and the Wolf

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Tired and old Lion King, was sick in his cave, and other animals, except the Fox, were to visit.
Taking the opportunity of the visit, he accused the Wolf the Fox expressing the following:
-She does not have any respect for our Highness, and so have not even approached to say hello or ask for your health.
At that precise moment came the Fox, just in time to hear what the Wolf said. Then the lion, furious to see her, launched a fierce cry against the Fox; but she asked for the word to be justified, and said:
-Tell me, among all the visits here, would who has given you special service like that have I done, that I looked for everywhere medical than with your wisdom prescribe you a remedy to cure you, finally finding it?
- And what is the remedy?, let me know immediately. -I ordered the lion.
-You must sacrifice a Wolf and get your skin as shelter - replied the Fox.
The Wolf was immediately sentenced to death, and the Fox, laughing, cried:
-The employer not we must take the grudge, but benevolence.

Who tend traps for the innocent, is the first to fall on them.

Translated for educational purposes

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