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That day it had been particularly unfortunate to Carpenter that good lady had hired to help him to repair an old farmhouse. The electric cutter had committed to not work, and now, when already the night was falling, the old truck would not start.
-I carry it in my truck to your home - Lady kindly offered.
Almost no crossed a single word throughout all the way. The man's face was a picture of despair and tiredness. However, when they arrived, she smiled painfully and invited lady who entered a moment at home so that he knew the family.
While on their way to the door, Carpenter was stopped a while against a small tree and was stroking him its branches. When entered, took place in it a transformation surprising: his face is lit up with a wide smile, embraced with joy to their children and kissed with enthusiasm and sweetheart to his wife. Took a coffee, happily chatted awhile and then to dismiss it, he accompanied Lady to your cart. Passing by the tree, Lady felt curious to find out what they had done in the tree a few minutes before had transformed it in that way.
-Oh, that's my trouble tree! -answered smiling Carpenter-. I know that I can not have problems at work, but one thing is safe: no I take them to the House, I don't want to torment them to my wife or my children. So I hang up them every night in the tree before entering my house. The next morning I pick them, but the truth is that, during the night they decrease and weaken much.
It would be nice, at the entrance to each school, are placed a tree where the teachers were leaving their problems, things that concern them or distressed them. All too often, is students who pay the family lawsuits of their teachers, their economic needs, their insecurities and emotional shortcomings. Students are not guilty that you have fought with her husband or children, that you have scolded the director, that does not reach you the money, or that you could not get cart. They must either pay your existential frustration that you wanted to study other career and came into education because only there were quotas. Students need you cheerful, positive and enthusiastic. Therefore, let the problems before entering the school and propose you always be the happiest person of the salon. Lives each class as an adventure, turn your living room into a party. Always remember the great poem of Celaya:
Life is a party.
I have his hands full of explosive joy
and sweep brain of memories.
Every day that I feel is a more.
I never tire of thanking him.
And say that I don't understand.
Live from day to day, surprise
in mystery (...)
Giving thanks to all that exists
because it exists.
"I live from day to day, surprise mystery". Everything is a gift, all can be a source of joy. Lives in the available to take advantage of everything that you
happen, even to the problems God sends them to you and on your side:

* * *

It recounts the story of the sufi mystic who, after a day of hunger, fatigue and cold began to thank God for giving them "a wonderful day". Hearing this, rough fellow were murmuring among them and complain annoyed about the cynicism of his master. After a while, one of them, not being able to contain his anger, said to him:
-I can't believe that your prayer is sincere. How can you call wonderful one horrible day and up to give thanks to God for him? Where is it wonderful? We have not eaten, we are exhausted, we have despised where we have sought accommodation and we will spend the night cold dead.
-You see, - replied the Mystic with patience-, we need tonight is hunger, poverty and cold. If we don't need it, God does not have given it us. How will not then be grateful? He always cares about our needs. Great is your name!
Translated for educational purposes

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