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The man began to suspect that his wife Anita was staying deaf and, one day, decided to check it out. He entered in silence in the room, while she saw it and hid. She was peacefully sitting on furniture hitting a few buttons to a shirt.
-Anita! said, can you hear me?
There was no response. Then, advanced to sit a few meters of
-Anita! -repeated - can you hear me?
There was also now response. The man approached even more her and returned to ask once again:
- And now, can you hear me?
-Yes, dear said Anita kindly, I do not understand why ask you me so many times, if I've already told you three times Yes.
Often, we project onto others our own mistakes and achacamos them with our failures and defects. Prejudices and fears don't let us see people as they really are, but we see them as we are. As possibly we are petty and small we think that all of them are also and we hope to act as we would act. "You think the thief who are all of their condition", the old saying and often we excuse our act on the alleged actions of others. We say that we are not punctual, responsible, honest, because others are not, and we are projecting on each other and trying to excuse our own irresponsibility. If you want to know your students, put yourself in their shoes, strive to look at their world, their problems, their performance, with your eyes, not with your loved ones that are loaded with malice:
It is well known to Japanese history of those two monks, Tanzan and Ekido, who, when they returned to his monastery, seized a torrential rain. After a while, saw a young woman, dressed in a beautiful silk kimono, hesitating to cross a small stream that came down from the mountain and had completely flooded the road. Tanzan came to his aid, loaded it in his arms, crossed the stream and let it safely to the other side of the road. Ekido remained silent, visibly upset, during the rest of the way. Finally, when they already arrived at the gate of the monastery, Ekido dropped in anger all your complaint:
-It is assumed that the monks must not touch women, much more if they are young and beautiful as that you uploaded on the water. I do not know how could you commit so grave...
His complaint and his words surprised Tanzan which had forgotten the incident completely. He stared in the eyes of Ekido and said:
-Look, I left the woman back to the other side of the road covered by water. But it seems that you still keep lifting it.

Translated for educational purposes.

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