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On one occasion, a Prince wanted to know how he looked and their three wise friends saw the reality: the sculptor, biologist and teacher. For this, he was quoting them separately next to your garden pond and asked them this question:
-Tell me, what more you draws the attention of the pond?
The sculptor was watching all the details and for a while, stopped his eyes in the beautifully sculpted marble sill.
-What I like - said convinced - is the parapet which is beautifully carved. It especially enhances the beauty of the pond giving a sublime touch.
The biologist noted the parapet, but his eyes stopped on the inside of the pond. For a while he was watching with true admiration water, Lotus flowers that opened up about her, the little fish of colors that swam among algae, insects that flew on the surface... His answer was blunt:
-The best of the pond is the life which bulle in its waters.
When it was the turn of the teacher, began as the previous two: also noted the beautiful marble sill and, above all, the waters. After a while, said:
-The parapet is beautiful and mysterious life that bustles in the waters of the pond. But what most impresses me is the light.
-Do the light? -Prince asked surprised.
-Yes, without a doubt, the light. Look at the games of lights and shadows that highlight the features of the parapet. Well have a look how the light rays are filtered to the bottom of the pond and allow us to enjoy your view. Light makes everything different in the morning, at noon, in the evening... And there is still the most important thing: light enables life that grows and turns into the pond. Tomorrow everything will be different: unpredictable is what every day you can find in this pond. Because light adds mystery to the life.
Help discover the light, guide the awe and mystery, that is the Mission of the genuine educator. The mystery is everywhere, springs from the heart of things and beings. You learn to live in a State of AWE, amaze you with nature, people, life, existence, the body itself. Glossing a Brazilian theologian, Ana María Tepedino, the mystery of life should lead us to recognize the sacred in all people. In women and in man, in the elderly and in child, on healthy and the sick, the powerful and the helpless. In the transcendent in everyday life, in heaven and on Earth, in science and in the
religion, in body and spirit. This process attempts to overcome exploitation and exclusion and move towards inclusion, equity, equality and reciprocity in relations. This experience of equity valued at all and allows that each be discover and see recognized its value. He feel recognized and loved is the source experience for life to grow and develop. To love, to be source. Source to establish new social and ecological, respectful and careful, loving and tender relationship, in order to combat and overcome the manifestations of domination and destruction, to heal the wounds of violence, selfishness and indifference. "Before the mystery that is outside of me and inside me, of which I am part along with other persons and beings of nature, I experiment in a relationship of mutual love, mutual intimacy, that inspires me to enter in a vital process that seeks to express a new way, giving and receiving love, allowing me to healcreate, recreate another, recreating nature, to recreate the world"(Tepedino).
Education: teach to see and to look, admire, get caught by the awe and mystery:

* * *

Eduardo Galeano tells the story of that child who longed to meet the sea. One day, his father wanted to please him and they undertook a long journey heading to the sea. They crossed valleys and mountains and, at last, behind some painful sand dunes of sand, sea awaited them. When it exploded before their eyes in its infinite blue luminosity, the boy bewildered clung to his father's hand and only managed to say:
-Daddy, help me to look at.

Translated for educational purposes.