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Paul dreamed that the Parrot was the most beautiful of all. And during many afternoons, out of school, he was building it with their skillful hands following the designs that pointed out you the heart. And there was: big, beautiful, with all the colors of the Rainbow, like a multicolored flag of joy eager to shake and swing in the arms of the wind.
And the desired day in which all students lounge, as had promised it her master, would fly their parrots in the Park. They were happy, every child with his Parrot, in a colorful parade of illusions. There were parrots of all shapes and sizes. But that attracted most attention was that of Paul. It seemed almost the father of all.
And the feast of color and flights began in the Park. The sky was covered in paper birds climbing pushed by the cries of children: "loose the wick, pull it, thus, climbing, climbing..." The afternoon was a river of joy and laughter...
The Parrot of Pablo realize you upload because of its enormous size. He did it slowly, but surely...
When parrots were scampering happy through the sky, began a strong wind that brought a few black clouds, which moved relentless storm. Children got nervous and began to collect their fearful of the wind leveled them parrots. The hopes and joys of before were changing in cries of anguish: "down, hala, hala, fast, careful, pick it up already". The nimble hands of Pablo multiplied the boldest maneuvers so your Parrot cover and protect others: "No matter my breaks - I thought - but I am not going to let die the illusion of others", and fought with expertise to make the strong wings of your Parrot to cover children. "Come, chamo, lower it under mine, it will protect you". And all parrots sought safety in the protective wings of the Parrot's Pablo.
When they came down, all had saved. Only the Parrot of Paul had broken wings. But Paul's eyes shone with a bright joy.
(Free version of a text by Eva Nistal)
Become a teacher is to fill sky flights multicolored, spur fantasies, always willing to protect with its own wings, and even at the expense of own life, dreams, illusions and flights of the students. To educate is to sow hopes, shake fears and routines, encourage and help lift the lives of the creeping ground and a life without dreams and horizons.
Young people need goals and ideals, something to give meaning to their lives, making it worthwhile to strive and fight, that lift the inertia
existential and deep and full of noises boredom that eats away their lives:

* * *

A monarch, mysteriously ill, fails to heal. Around him, his whole Kingdom is slowly dying: it melts and collapses the Palace that inhabits wither gardens, languishing rivers dry up sources, animals die, and are dying of boredom and boredom people...
Nobody manages to cure the King of strange disease and fail all the sages and physicians of the Kingdom and also those who come from distant countries intending to restore health to the King.
One day, becomes a young unknown, Parsifal, which moves decisively to where the King is bedridden, skips the Protocol and ceremonial Court and, without making reference to the causes of disease of the monarch and the Kingdom, vigorous launches key question:
-Where is the Holy Grail?
The dazzling surprise of this question illuminates the health of the King, who joins sound of his bed of tedium and pain to undertake the search for the Holy Grail, revives plants and animals, makes run the fountains and rivers, miraculously restored the Castle, aviva faces and hearts of the people with flashes of enthusiasm.

* * *

The legend of the Holy Grail passes through the middle ages and impregnates the exploits of the Knights with a religious tinge.
According to tradition, the Holy Grail was the Cup Jesus used at the last supper and José de Arimatea saved. It also collected the blood and water that came out from the side of Christ when on Calvary, and to verify his death, the Roman soldier Longinus stabbed him his spear. Tradition has it that for a while the Virgin kept the Cup, and that then he gave it to Peter who took her to Rome. When Christians were persecuted by the Roman emperors, the deacon Lawrence sent to Spain where he was hidden for a time in the monastery of San Juan de La Peña. Several times it was stolen and reconquered by the Knights of the Holy Grail and thus, the quest for the Holy Grail symbolized in the age mean a company that filled the lives of sense.

Translated for educational purposes.

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