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The architecture is defined as that art which are projected and constructed buildings of all types and for all use. One of the arts is considered since it also implies a constant search for aesthetics.
Architecture finds its origin in ancient times, being able to locate in its history the first treatise in Rome of the first century before Christ. That Treaty was written by Marco Vitruvius pollio, who, throughout history, has been considered as the father of the architecture.
The Treaty recently mentioned, entitled "Three viruses architecture", no mention of three basic elements. The first of these, "Venustas", which refers to the technical level of the work. Secondly, "Utilitas", such as your name it hints it refers to its use or function. Finally, "Venustas", to refer to the degree of aesthetic and beauty of what is built.
Architecture, such as be glimpsed with its first treaty, must always follow certain rules, in this way, it will be possible to complete works that are adapted to the use that will be given, which will also be works of a certain aesthetic value. However, despite always comply with the rules, the architecture has changed throughout history, constantly changing their lifestyles. Within the styles most renowned and characteristic of certain times we find the Gothic and Baroque, as well as the Roman architecture, the Greek and the Egyptian, which realize the architectural apogee of these cultures.
The existence of different styles of architecture throughout history, reflects the transits of man by different styles of culture, society, and values, not only points out the different technical, utility and aesthetic tastes of each architect.
As it is to imagine, the architecture is an art or science that is present in every moment of our lives, giving us even a roof on which shelter our lives, as well as gives us spaces for social contact and recreation.
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