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What is Integrity?

The word comes from "full" and the Latin term which originates it can be translated as "integer". Integrity is a quality of objects and people. When we talk about the integrity of an object we are making reference to that is full or not. When we talk about a person can make it in a physical sense, as if it were an object and it is common to hear that police officers and firefighters exposed their physical integrity; We can also talk to the spiritual and moral, civic and psychological integrity when we talk about that a person has an incorruptible integrity.
In this way it is as it is often apply the term integrity only when we say that a man is full having integrity is because their personal qualities make him morally highlight. My country between the decades of 60 and 80 of the last century (perhaps before, but not fall within what I remember) had to deal with the civil wars which convulsionaban to the rest of Central America. A truck driver told me that it was very sad and dangerous to travel carrying merchandise and equipment for these lands. An anecdote tells that two patrol stopped a car loaded with smuggled weapons (the weapons transfer was the biggest concern of the authorities at that time) and found in the trunk of the car found a sum of money in dollars that told me he passed five figures, the smuggler told the patrol that opened the trunk that they left the money and that allowed it to go with weapons. Our admirable man refused and shortly afterwards was appointed with the rank of Sergeant, but many ignorant called him behind the "Sergeant id..." (I have never completed the phrase in public.)
From the first time I heard this story I wondered how put you price integrity? Conclude with another anecdote, very nice, one of our former Presidents most wanted and remembered: don Luis Monge. During his administration, there was a famous fraud or embezzlement, I don't know what would be the legal term but finally it disappeared a money for what is called "Emergency Fund" today. Don Luis journalists harassed him leaving a meeting asking questions on the subject and he said candida way "I never have got hand in that bottom" (like in Costa Rica you say to "Fanny", especially if it is of a pretty woman).
Silence that journalists were told our former President had done something wrong and released a "naughty" laughter when he realized what he had said but said no more. The integrity of his person was worth much or more than the small slip which just you escape and finally and after the idea had made him Nick. We can find the integrity both in humble people as characters, it is what makes us great and in the background is the good God has us judge.
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