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What is Philosophy?

Philosophy, is a science (knowledge of things by their causes, the universal and necessary), which comes in practice, since the time of the Greeks or was classic. Were they, who started for the first time to be held deep questions for everything that surrounded them. Therefore, the first hints of philosophy, were in the field of nature.
And philosophy, is love of wisdom. Understand what we interact with everything. Precisely, philosophy comes from the Greek edges (love) and sofia (wisdom).
The grace of philosophy, is that this becomes latest questions. Or those that go in search of the final sense, things. Each branch of philosophy, becomes latest questions. The purpose of the object of study of them. So, as anthropology, for example, wondered what the purpose of man. Ethics, another branch, wonders what the purpose of the Act of man. In fact, one of the greatest philosophers of antiquity, as it was Socrates, was looking for a direction, a purpose of man, which defended the fact that happiness was the end of man. So that depends on virtues, part of the study of ethics. But for philosophy, rationality, plays a key role in his Studio and also in its action. Rationality, is the means by which, we know what surrounds us. It is the starting point, to search and know, which is the purpose of man. Already Socrates said, with regard to the virtues and their knowledge through reason, "which only knows what justice (which is a virtue) can truly be fair and to act fairly".
The essentials of philosophy, is that this is questionable things with a greater range of action, the rest of the sciences. Much more than the practices or social. Philosophy, is to meet, to know love. Which may seem useless. But is it not, to not have a practical purpose, it is an end in itself. What is wanted. Thus, it has a purpose, for those who want to expand their knowledge. Do not forget, that knowledge is power. Also it should not be forgotten, that there are branches of philosophy, such as ethics, studied with a practical purpose. Ethics is studying to improve my acting life. Said worldwide philosophy, while latest questions. Those that go to the heart of the issue. More likely, they do it, since the human being has always wanted to understand fully their lives and environment. So, began the first philosophers in the ancient Greece.
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