Discover all the keys to sleep well

We only realize the importance that has sleep well when, for some reason, we have problems sleeping. Discover the keys to improve your rest in a simple way.
During sleep, the immune system is strengthened and strengthens memory

Key to sleeping well

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Therefore, it is quite normal to think that sleep is something that happens naturally, a circumstance inherent in our day to day and we only realize the importance that has to rest and sleep well when, for some reason, we have problems sleeping. Discover how to fix them.

You sleep, your body works

Some people think that while one sleeps, the body does not work. But nothing is further from reality, since during that period of time in which we rest, our agency prepares and carries out the implementation for all those challenges that will face the next day, hence the importance that the rest is sufficient and adequate.
For example, during sleep, releasing the hormones that make us feel good to awaken, we strengthen our immune system and our metabolism, reinforcing the memory and knowledge acquired, joints and muscles relax and regenerate, just as our hearts since, while we sleep, down the blood pressure and, thereby, improves the circulatory system.
And it's no coincidence that numerous cosmetics firms have created specific treatments for night lines. The reason is simple. Cell regeneration during sleep is greater and the blood circulation improves, these two factors make our skin to better assimilate the nutritious active substances in cosmetic treatment and that, upon awakening, our skin is smoother, hydrated and have better-looking.

If we do not sleep well, what happens?

Depending on our age, we will need more or less hours of sleep a day. For example, babies need to sleep an average of 17 hours a day so that its growth is appropriate, children should sleep 10 hours and recommended in adulthood is the rest period oscillate between seven and eight hours, although it is true that there are people that sleep five or six hours of sleep time more than enough to pay the most.
We know what makes our bodies while we sleep, but now, if we do not rest properly, we what? The answer is easy, you just put yourself in the following situation: think for a moment you feel when one day, the reason may be, you've slept fewer hours than usual.
Without a doubt, that lack of sleep effects have a direct impact not only on your physical condition, but also on the mental and that, among other effects, we are tired, costs us work focus and our State of mind is altered significantly.
As they highlight different investigations, lack of sleep-associated disorders are one of medical diseases most prevalent in our society. Is that people who do not rest properly are typically more prone to diseases--have already commented that our immune system is reinforced during sleep, so if we don't sleep well, it not is regenerated properly-, to suffer problems with memory and learning - the lack of attention caused by fatigue, stress and cardiovascular disease.

Other consequences of lack of sleep

But there are more consequences caused by lack of sleep. They are as follows:
· Little sleep produces gastrointestinal disorders and pain in the upper part of the abdomen, also known as functional dyspepsia.
· Obesity and diabetes: lack of sleep increases the production of a hormone called ghrelin that increases appetite. Therefore, if we slept little, increases our risk of gaining weight, since they will change our eating habits. Also, certain medical studies show that sleep less than six hours a day reduces our ability to tolerate glucose and makes us more likely to suffer from type II diabetes.
· Neurodegenerative disorders resulting from the alteration of the nervous system that causes lack of sleep.
· Depression: little sleep affects our emotions, and is that sleepiness generates stress and produces changes in our behavior. Therefore, not getting enough sleep can lead in a box of melancholy and, subsequently, in depression.

What you lose us sleep?

If you sleep the same number of hours that always but when you wake up you feel tired, or if you work to sleep and throughout the night you wake up frequently it is very possible that suffer insomnia problems.
With respect to the causes that produce not rest properly some are which can put solution quite easily as they are, among others:
· Bed size: the perfect mattress is the one with more 20 cm longer than us, and wide, if you sleep only, just with 90 cm., but if the bed is for two, should be 1'60 cm.
· Mattress hardness: must leave our body to sink slightly, but at the same time, maintain the natural horizontal position.
· The type of Pillow: ideal is the pillow that, when we us lying face-up, makes our neck is not twisted and remain in a position parallel to the mattress.
· Excessive noise or temperature.
· Eat little or, conversely, too.
· Smoking much.
· Abusing alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
In the two latter cases, just that I improve our eating habits and the conditions of the space in which we sleep so that the rest is sufficiently satisfactory. However, if we improve these conditions and difficulty sleeping persists you can that this is due to that there are other underlying causes such as, for example, psychological or emotional problems, anxiety, stress, or depression. In any of these vicissitudes, you must opt for specialized medical treatment to solve our problems of sleep.
We never use self-employed to take medication to sleep if a doctor not been prescribed them us previously. To help us to sleep, if they are not taken in proper doses and if the intake is performed under the supervision of a physician, such drugs have numerous side effects, such as the appearance of tiredness, irritability or may even produce addiction.

How can we improve our rest?

Don't forget that sleep well carries a rest that is so necessary for our body such as eating or breathing. In short, if you want to sleep better and relax more, you can follow these basic tips:

You try to make your wakefulness and sleep schedules regular
And if you miss you a NAP throughout the day is no more than half an hour. If those 30 minutes is not enough and you feel very tired, you can resort to beverages stimulants such as tea or coffee, but you should not abuse them.

It creates a pleasant atmosphere sleeping
It is very easy, only you must avoid noises (uses soft plugs to isolate yourself and rest) and keep the room at a temperature intermediate, well ventilated and dark, if this is not possible, use a mask. To complete this environment, you can also put in the bedroom candles or some kind of soft incense of any plant whose essential oil has relaxing effects, as for example, lavender.

Eat better
Food and sleep are closely related, if you want to sleep well, increasing intake of fruits and vegetables and reduced the amounts of foods high in saturated fat or drinks that have exciting properties.

Dinner at least three hours before you go to sleep
Although if you feel hungry at the time of going to bed take a glass of warm milk with honey or an infusion with relaxing properties such as Chamomile or Valerian.

Not to practice sport in the three hours before you go to bed
Exercise us relaxes and releases endorphins that make us feel good, but it is to practice it in the morning or in the afternoon, since doing so at night increases your body temperature and hinders reconciliation of sleep.

Avoid all concerns possible just before you get into bed
For example, you can leave organized your clothing and bag the next day or any other matter you have descent and think that you can suppose a concern at bedtime. It is also good to practice relaxation exercises at the last minute of the day, such as pilates, Tai Chi or yoga and don't forget something important: try not to disturb you or get nervous if you see that the dream takes to arrive.
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