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What is History?

The story is one of so many disciplines, which are considered to be Sciences. This itself, studying the events of the past. Things that have been important in the evolution of human evolution. Throughout history, is or is about the Act of man. It is the starting point, of what we call history. All historical account, is about acting human.

Therefore, history, studying acting and behavior of those ancient society. Or individual characters, which have marked a milestone in the development of humanity.

But one of the fundamental axes, in the study of history, is to analyze the past to understand the present. For historians, looking at the past, we can understand the why of our present. How we become what we are today. And there, the important part of the story. Since knowing what happened in the past, we can learn how to improve the future. Above all, learn lessons about the mistakes made by our societies.

Now, it is said that history is born, through writing (classical approach). Ya that is through writing, that we can make reliable, encapsulated a moment in life. The first historians, were those who were telling the becomings of his time. Especially in wars, in which, many times, acted as biographers of any of the contenders. Therefore, is that they are not few, peoples, who have been shortened its history or very little is known of their existence, since they did not have knowledge of the writing. Therefore, what can get to know them, is through archaeology and other discipline, which investigate those companies lost in history. Even the use of these other disciplines, has given rise to new approaches to look at history. Which can be analyzed or sought, by means of a multidisciplinary approach. Quite the opposite of the classical approach.

The relevant history, is that through it, we can not only understand the present, but to improve our future. Man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same stone. The story many times, seeks to prevent that.
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