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What is the Policy?

The policy, which says in relation to the exercise of power, comes from the Greek "polis" or city. Today, the only way of exerting power and govern the designs of countries, is by means of the policy (in terms of democratic Nations).

The policy, is the force that moves the Nations. Since all the circumstances or decisions, they pass through a political move. And it is that any democratic Government, depends on the policy, in order to exercise authority and take decisions for the people.

As mentioned, the policy is related to the exercise of power, which should lead to the common good of the people. Since the policy is one branch of ethics. Which is studied, to straighten the human acts. To be able to discern between what is correct and what is not. It is therefore, that policy, belong to the range of study of ethics. Since the policy is made by human, free and voluntary acts. And to be part of the philosophical branches, policy must have an ultimate goal. And this according to Tomás of Aquino, is the common good. Other than the public good. Since the common good and the good of all and every everything. This, since the human being, is considered an intrinsically worthy. Therefore, consider him as a universe in itself or a whole. And being composed of various all society, as well, policy seeks the good of all those all into a whole that is society.

Parents of the policy, are the Greeks, and the cradle of the same is the city of Athens. Already in the fifth century a.d., the Greeks practiced policy. Where the ruling regime, was full democracy. That is, the people, was who handled the threads of the nation. Therefore, that created the Acropolis, or citadels, where persons of the village, taking in direct vote, the decisions concerning the administration of the city. Practice, which was developing gradually, until the Romans, took as a regime, the republics. Democratic society, if you want to say, in which participated the village, under the representation of the Senators of the people. Those who watch over decision-making with respect to everything concerning the administration of Rome.

In politics, you must always ensure, for the common good. The good of the whole. Therefore, it is that the media to be used in the policy, are fundamental. They may not be marred. It does the same thing, the type of media that is used in politics to the end. You should not think about politics, as the concept of Machiavelli. That is, the end justifies the means. In politics, that slogan may not or should not operate. Already that if media to reach l end, are inherently bad, as well, by most good order that is, will be flawed. Therefore, elected officials, should be chosen to have a straight trajectory within the policy. They must be persons to which it could imitate, by the rest of society. A sample of righteousness and decency to the citizenship. Otherwise, with people or corrupt officials, which vitiate the media and improperly exercising the power the people have given them the safe way, will be a widespread policy end corruption. There is no common good, but good for some, for those close to these authorities.

So, unless the policy is understood in democratic nations. It is democracy, the people's Government. That is, citizens choose consistently to the authorities that they will represent. But that representation, is for the benefit of voters and not mutual itself. It is the same, as in politics, it must be informed and aware, of the same in terms of all its edges.

Now, the calls to exercise policy, are the political parties. Organized groups of people, seeking through legislation, to exercise the power in a country. Therefore, they are these political parties, carrying out policy, calls to offer the various authorities, that the people will choose, which represent them. And are these authorities, especially those of the Executive Government, who shall be entrusted, the use of the legitimate force, since it has been the people, who with their vote, has given them the use of the same. Why is that it is said, that the Government, using legitimate force, since it is legitimized by the people through elections.
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