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What is a Report?

A report is as simple as the text through which realizes the progress on a project in particular. In general, a report is aimed at those involved in financing the project or directed it, thus, it is possible that corrections and modifications are made him until this lead to its final stage.

A report needs to be clear and precise, also must have the amount of sufficient detail as to anyone who read it for the first time to understand fully what it is through the project and progress achieved by this.

Since all report refers to a project in particular and is addressed to different persons or entities, it is usual that each one has specific requirements. However, in general terms, a good report should have certain basic elements consisting of a holder page, an abstract or summary, an index or table of contents, introduction, methodology, results, conclusions, bibliography and annexes.

It helps, in a report, take into account that the data tables, photos and diagrams are a very effective tool to explain more clearly the contents. On the other hand, something fundamental is the writing, which should be clean and tidy to ensure that anyone who read the report to understand it, in the same way, the spelling takes a fundamental role, so in many cases, it is necessary that before delivering it check it any expert in this field. Finally, it is advisable to include in the report any information that are you the negative connotation, it is from these data that can arise new proposals and new questions around the theme that allow other people begin new projects or research.
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