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What is Rock?

Rock is a musical genre that covers several other genres derived from Rock an Roll. It is difficult to establish a start to this genus because it is not known with certainty who was the first speaker. Something that not can skip talking about the rock is talking about Elvis, The beatles, Roy Orbison and others that I will mention, but if I have to be sincere will be left me many in the pipeline. In fact the name of the genus is Rock and roll, which derive many other genres such as Hard Rock, Glam Rock and many others.

Therefore it is often abbreviated as rock simply to encompass them all. I remember that in the middle of the Decade of the 70s of the last century searched several dictionaries the term Rock and roll and the only thing I found in an encyclopedic dictionary said something like "dance of frantic movement popular among young Americans", because I think it is the best of all the definitions I've found and updating it we could say "dance or dance of frantic movement popular between young people and adults from all over the world". Many seek the origins of the rock in the "gospel" music, the "blues" or the "spirituals" (which Elvis was a great admirer and interpreter) and even much further back in time. However, I think that he is the son of the post-cold war. In 1945 the second world war ends the youth American suffers a disappointment for his most fond hopes were in a lasting peace but as soon as I had finished the war began that war against the Communist bloc (Marxist) passive or "cold" and another war in Korea where the Government decides to intervene.

Security giving nuclear weapons becomes a double-edged sword because the Communist "enemies" also possessed it and brings the nuclear arms race (the law of the largest creature that had already led to the first world war). In the middle of this and boring words of elders on the constant duties appears this musical movement that enabled and encouraged everyone to escape from reality so odious. The first interpretations of rock begin more or less at the end of the war, as I cited several candidates to be his father: Mudy Walters, Bill Haley, Litle Richad or Elvis. Although some fans say that it is Elvis, he actually receives the baby and makes it grow and mature, this merit cannot be denied him and in that sense is the father of rock. For my part and inclinaré by Bill Haley as I feel that Walters is somewhat premature. During the first years of the 1950s rock starts its development, first among black youth and then between the young whites, inside the first stresses Chuck Berry, and within seconds stresses Roy Orbison. With Elvis has become a mass phenomenon, his voice deep, strong and clear, as well as the image of a "good American Junior" that meets your dreams plays a significant part in the eyes of the people.

Elvis experimented with various genres of music which would generate the appearance of rock trends influenced by music folk (folk), the blue in the 1960s and up with Latin music as evidenced by the famous song "La Bamba" (1958) the unforgettable Ritchie Valens (although he is considered a forerunner of this time) is no doubt the influence of 'The King'. The Decade of the 60 is especially remembered for the peace movements and major political changes (almost twenty years after the rock started) and evasion takes ends by introducing drug (aside from liquor) in concerts and in many presentations. In the midst of this was born the psychedelic rock which seeks to create emotions in people before that transmit them. For this moment the rock is already known around the world, British groups as The Beatles (1964-1970) and the old even The Rolling Stone (1962-?) give it an international character "Rock" movement.

The decades of the 70s and the 80s are the decades of big bands: Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Kiss and many others is very remembered "Disco Music" the 70y late early 1980s. The 1990s mark the appearance of the metal rock and its variations, although I'm in Kiss and Pink Floyd predecessors of this style (in fact Kiss also interprets it) think with many it was her English band Venom who created it or put guidelines at least. The 21st century has been dedicated to return to these movements and give them a renovation, but the evolution has not finished and new genres rockers were born, all very incidentally related to the metal rock.
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