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First of all I like people that vibrates, that must not push it, there is to be told to do things, who knows what to do and does it in less time than expected.

I like people with ability to measure consequences of their actions. Which leaves no random solutions.

I like strict people with their people and with itself, that does not lose sight that we are human and can make mistakes.

I like people who think that teamwork, among friends, produces more than the chaotic individual efforts.

I like people who know the importance of joy.

I like people sincere and candid, capable with calm and reasoned arguments to oppose the decisions of his boss.

I like the people of criterion. Which do not swallow whole. Which not ashamed to admit that you don't know something or that it was wrong. And that, to accept their mistakes, strives to genuinely not to commit them again.

I like the people able to criticize me constructively and front: they call them my friends.

I like the faithful and persistent people who not falters when it comes to achieve goals and ideals.

I like the people of claw, which understands the obstacles as a challenge.

I like the people who work for results.

With people like this I am committed to whatever, so do not receive any economic payment.

You have had these people on my side, I realize as rewarded.

Translated for educational purposes

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