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An Indian warrior found an Eagle egg on top of a mountain, and put it together with the eggs they were going to be empollados by a hen. When the time came, chicks came out of the shell, and the eaglet also. After a while, he learned to clucky to dig the Earth, to find worms and upload to branches trees, exactly like all the hens lower.

His life was spent in consciousness that was a chicken. One day, already old, Eagle was facing up and had a magnificent view. A majestic bird flying in the sky open as if you do not need to make the slightest effort. Impressed, he turned to the next hen and asked:

-What bird is that?

The chicken looked up and replied:

-Ah! It is the Golden Eagle, Queen of heaven. But don't think about it: you and I are here below.

Eagle not looked up ever more and ever died in the consciousness that was a chicken, so I had been treated.

What if you try to discover your inner Eagle?

* Contribution of Daniel Molina, Rotolatinos, November 11, 2001.
Translated for educational purposes

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