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While he prayed before going to bed, a child asked with devotion:

"Lord, tonight I ask something special: becoming a TV." I would like to take his place. I would like to live what live TV in my house. I.e., have a room for me and bring together all the members of the family to my around.

"Be taken seriously when I speak. Becoming the center of attention and be the one to which everyone wants to listen without interrupting it or question it. I feel special care receives TV when something goes wrong.

"And have the company of my dad when he comes home, even if you are tired of the work. And that my Mom find me when you are lonely and boring, instead of ignoring me. And my brothers fight for being with me.

And that you can divert them all, although sometimes do not tell them anything. I would like to experience the feeling that it will stop everything to spend a few moments with me.

"Lord, I don't ask much. Only live who lives any TV".
Translated for educational purposes

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