What are the most important newspapers of the world?

We will run lists of newspapers with more circulation in the world, continents, and with data from the year 2005. The ranking that we will make will be areas and not in absolute terms, since otherwise the list of 100 newspapers with the largest circulation in the world would be virtually occupied only with publications Asian, as we shall see.

Let's start in Europe with our list of the most important newspapers of the world:

Bild, Germany, 5.674.400 (more than 5 million copies).
Sun, England, 3.718.354
Daily Mail, England, 2.387.867
Daily Mirror, England, 2.339.001
Eleftherotypia, Greece, 1.858.316

We have to down several posts in the list to reach a Spanish publication, "ABC", with 765.668 copies in circulation.

We continue with the newspapers in Asia:

Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan, 14.532.694 (the newspaper with more circulation in the world, according to our data).
Asahi Shimbun, Japan, 12.601.375
Sichuan Ribao, China, 8,000,000
Mainichi Shimbun, 5.845.857
Chunichi Shimbun, 4.323.144

And only down many positions in the ranking arrived at a newspaper with similar circulation or circulation to the "ABC" of Spain: the "Times of India", with 813,000 copies. A true paradox, since it is a publication in English in this far country.

Now we continue reviewing the newspapers of the world in North America:

Wall Street Journal, United States, 1.740.450
It is used Today, United States, 1.653.428
The Angeles Times, United States, 1.067.540
New York Times, United States, 1.066.540
Washington Post, United States, 759.122

Continuing, now in South America:

Or State of São Paulo, Brazil, 1.230.160
Zero hour, Brazil, 727.188
Daily two field, Brazil, 725,000
Jornal da later, Brazil, 709.793
Clarín, Argentina, 700,000
The nation, Argentina, 630,000

In Africa, the list of the most important newspapers of the world continues with:

Akhbar the Yom / Al Akhbar, Egypt, 1.159.339
Al Akhbar, Egypt, 980,000
Al Ahram, Egypt, 900,000
To the Goumhouriya, Egypt, 900,000

In Australia, highlighted the "Herald Sun", with 600,000 copies in circulation, according to the data that we have. It is important to mention that this ranking is only reference, since not all of the newspapers in the world deliver their data, and also with the passage of time positions may change. Anyway, it is quite interesting.
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