What is the solar stone?

Because it is an object of legend which according to the Nordic traditions allowed the Vikings locate the Sun and thereby navigate with great precision in the days in which the stars and the same Sun is could not see. Solar stone is actually a real mystery how these so reckless navigators could guide through seas that are usually cloudy or fogs up to modern sailors would like to avoid. This has motivated the research and the imagination of many people.

However there is a small track: Iceland spar, a calcium (which contains calcium), very translucent stone but that has a very interesting property: If we look at an object through it we see two. This is due to the Iceland spar has the property of polarizing light into two beams and therefore we see two images. This phenomenon of the so-called "birrefringent" because it gives the feeling of the Crystal has two indices of refraction, a so-called ordinary index and the other is special index called and was discovered by a Danish doctor: Erasmo Bartolino, which is its name translated into the Spanish (and how they taught me in my times of secondary) but today is called by its latin name: Erasmus Bartholinus although his real name is Rasmus Bartholin (do they realize why they stopped to translate names?).

The first formal study of Iceland spar was Christian Huygens, the great scientist and mathematician who postulated that light was a wave and not a particle as proposed Issac Newton and is the first that is an explanation to the birrefringent. Thus if one places a rock of Iceland spar, the possible "Sun stone", in the direction of the Sun on a cloudy day, you can see that a light is brighter than the others. This has inspired several researchers who have tried to explain how the Vikings could guide without a compass.

Initially not taken them seriously but the descriptions of certain devices used by those intrepid explorers give to understand that they indeed possessed a kind of Sundial, which both used to calculate the time to locate the star King and a simple way to calculate its position. These watches were engarzadas rocks of Iceland spar.

Obvious question: why these descriptions of these devices come to light until recently? Because many come from Russia, and we must remember that with the cold war, there was no access to that information, others come from libraries that kept such designs as "objects of the devil" as the Vikings are converted to Christianity in times when such things were interpreted as devices used in "black magic".

As a result, I imagine, is that in many video games and franchises referred to the "Sun stone" as an object of magic. There is also a rock of the oligoclasas type, a silicate, which is called in a similar way by the way so characteristic of golden rays that reflects and refracts, also has what I call a sister called "Moon stone" because their reflexes are very similar but a pale white.
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