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The makeup is an ancient art, found even between primitive men, which already used scents in the epidermis, along with other decorations and accessories. Normally this technique is applied in people in order to beautify them, but in many cultures she has ceremonial and religious purposes.

In anthropological studies you can find several examples of artistic paintings on the bodies of native Americans and aborigines of the African continent. Many people have the habit of using elements of plant origin as the annatto or coal as well as clay and crushed stones.

It was in Egypt that the makeup modern and aesthetic character won. This civilization created the cult of beauty for men and women, especially with the use of henna in preparation of facial and body paintings, particularly around the eyes, highlighting them without equal. The Pharaohs kept the belief in preserving the beauty even after death, believing that it should be perfectly embellished to resurrect; Thus, the deceased were also clean.

Today the makeup is deeply influenced and guided by the dictates of the fashion universe. The raw material used is of a different nature, but the relentless pursuit of beauty is the same. In accordance, however, with one of the largest Brazilian makeup artists, Aguinaldo Silva Leandro, this technique should not undergo the world ' fashion ', but rather offer each the maximum welfare possible.

In a good makeup cannot miss: Makeup Remover; Moisturizer with sunscreen; Basis for skin; Facial powder; Brushes for blush, eye shadow and lipstick; Shade in various shades; Liquid eyeliner; Pencil for eyes; Comb and eyebrow pencil; Clamp to clean eyebrow; Blush; Lipstick; Gloss and Concealer.

Currently the profession of makeup artist is shrouded in an aura of glamour and status. The Professional is not only an artist, but also a technical expert, who knows a wide range of essences that not only produce the desired human beauty, but also provide the necessary features to television and cinematographic, theatrical performers, and enhance photos and parades of the sphere ' fashion '.

The makeup is fundamental in Constitution of the character on stage or on the screens of cinemas. Since the ancient Greece, in the roots of Theater, passing by Japan, India and other Eastern Nations, used this technique to change the identity of the actor. On Brazilian TV some professionals stand out, like Eric Rzepecki, who shone in the network Globe in the 70.

This makeup artist of Polish origin has, above all, the merit of giving prominence to this profession in our country. His technique has been used in countless novels and special programs. In addition, he was the master of several other well-known professionals who emerged later, which enshrined not only in this vehicle, but also in movies, on stage and in fashion. Among them are names like Anne Van Steen, Armando Son, Duda Molinos, Leopoldo Pacheco, among others, also called visagistas.
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