For that we eat when we are bored?

Perhaps not that where already nothing distracts us or sports, when we don't know that do over time, either, everything seems boring to us, the first thing we do is go to the fridge or the pantry, to eat the first thing that we found without knowing why, or what happens to us?
Why when we are bored and going to the refrigerator, we eat those foods that possess more carbohydrates, like chocolate, ice cream, cakes, or what leftovers of earlier days. Do not choose those who are 'healthy' or low calorie.

Is perhaps not in those moments where we have cravings to eat what we are prohibited?

Once we stopped to think that it can happen to the vast majority and that we only resort to food to complete the feeling of emptiness that feel, that feeling that nothing we complete. That void, is that, usually, we call "boredom".

And this is where the question arises do you overeat when you're bored? Answer it is not easy without knowing two things:

Why do we eat?

What about boredom?

The answer to the first question seems to be simple, we eat that we have hunger. Thus, if we take the definition of "eat" "feed" in the dictionary, we can find two meanings:


1 Give food to the body of an animal or a plant.

2 Provide a machine, system or process, matter, energy or data necessary for its operation.

Taking into account the above, we can say that we eat to give power to our body, so that all the physiological functions to develop normally.

Part of this is true.

Now, we just to run our body normally we eat or eat this linked to a pleasure that we ourselves don't know?

Obviously the food is more than feeding physiologically. It is one of the pleasures of life and if possible, we eat those foods that we like and do not always have at our disposal. The media are full of ads where present, eating as pleasure and, no matter the amount that we eat, we can again be ourselves with an effervescent magic or a few simple drops.

In this way, we should bear in mind that feeding will depend on not only how much hunger have but, at the same time, the previous relationship we have with the food and the social circumstances where they are consumed.

Taking into account this criterion of eating, yet need us to explain why boredom generates that we eat compulsively. It is not possible to respond without knowing that it is boredom.

To be able to answer us what boredom we will resort to the dictionary definition:


1. Fatigue, hassle, tedio, caused usually by distress or discomfort, or for not having something to distract and fun.

Philosophy defines the boredom as a form of weakness, similar to the romantic melancholy, which differs from the boredom, alone, in that the latter puts into play the imagination. The imagination of the past or a future where, are nothing more than signs of flight of the hardness of the real thing. (Rafael Alvira)

The term boredom appears in the 15th century, being synonymous with disease of the rich, growing more in the 19th century. When there is great misfortunes of history, wars, hunger, epidemics, no time for boredom. He lives so intensely that one forgets that this living.

Boredom is related to leisure time. They spent free time in antiquity leisure; It is considered creative and productive.

So that a fundamental question arises what to do with the time, when time depends only on one's own.

Today's consumerist life conditions are very different. Today, where, thanks to the progress made by man to greater well-being, we no longer hunt our food but are going to the supermarket, buy it frozen and all we should do is to put it in the microwave and where the culture of immediacy is at the service of our hands; We don't have to do with the time free. Us anguish and, therefore, we eat.

Usually most of our free time we have scheduled: gym, cinema, theatre, outings with friends, TV unlimited, etc. Now when we have a free time without any scheduled activity, we get bored.

In today's society of the immediacy, where the idea is not to feel needs and aims to be full no matter what: food, sounds, images, etc; free time becomes a time lacking qualities, sense, color and flavor. All the time we are assuming that you should spend another thing, and not what we are experiencing. This is not to accept, not to accept failure.

This not happens to us only to adults, but also to our children at school age, our teenagers, would perhaps boliches, the games on computer or alcohol, are not means of evasion, not knowing that we do with our time? Feeling so something we need, that nothing of what we have at hand you can satisfy this feeling of emptiness. That we want something that could fill our aspirations, give us peace, entertainment, and all this fully and effortlessly.

Eating, anxiety, free time and Stress

You have free time we anguish (sorrow, grief, anxiety) most of what we assume. And to soothe the anguish we ended up resorting to the meal, nothing better than grab that package of French fries and sit in front of the TV. We can't think of nothing but eating, binge, eating without feeling the taste and the pleasure by what we are eating, only the Act bring us something at the mouth, something that calms the anguish that neither we know this there, but annoying.

Thus, the food appears to placate this threat of leisure time, vacuum, of nothingness, of not knowing what to do with boredom. Boredom in this case is to give a meaning to that free time.

Here is to differentiate the boredom of it today so named "Stress", which appears as a burden, process physical, chemical or emotional producer of a tension that can lead to physical illness. We must take into account this difference. Many times it is easy to confuse them since the first signs of Stress are very similar to boredom.

Now for that we eat, when we're bored and we can not do anything else, it is here where we have to take into account the anxiety that makes us this free time, without a scheduled activity. That anxiety that appears as a threat, and in front of that threat turned to food. So eating is an attempt at solution to this free time. Since eating is pleasurable, it is immediate pleasure, it is a pleasure that we get with very little effort. We try to p ermanecer without feeling that something we need and not be able to tolerate feel this lack, making place and allowing produced being saturated fully, boredom can from there be creative leisure, use of leisure time intimately connected with our desire, our subjectivity and its creative aspects.

We should be able to suspend the uncontrolled need to fling them into the refrigerator. But as? Getting to think for a minute, is this what I want? Eat satiate this lack that I feel at this moment?

Perhaps stopping to think a moment, our desire, we would realize that it is not that piece of cake to look forward to at that time. And if so, if in fact that cake is what we want. Would that we devote the time needed to be able to eat it and feel the pleasure that comes from eating?

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