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Creativity, mother of innovation, is a low quality that relies on the right lobe of the brain, where are the intuition, the art and inspiration. However, creatives have to fight permanently with the pragmatists, the "logical", those who have experience. These are some of the phrases which are heard when the creative fire their spark.

"Don't dream".
"Or dream you".
"We don't have time."
"The cost is very high."
"It is not his problem."
"It's too much work."
"Oh no, this idea again, no!"
"The argument is valid, but..."
"Good idea, but it is not feasible".
"Let fly by clouds and low to the ground".
"The management will have problems with this."
"For the moment, let's stop this idea of side."
"They are used to something else."
"Where did this idea?"
"It would require a very big effort."
"So far it has gone we well without that."
"We've always made it so".
"Is it ahead of its time".
"Not it was budgeted".
"It's too radical."
"Stay in place".
"Will they laugh at us".
"Do not move the pot".
"They won't accept it."
"It has not become ever".
"It won't work."
"Again the young!"
"It is not profitable."
Translated for educational purposes

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