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What is karaoke?

The term comes from the Japanese "kara", or empty, and "okesutora", which means Orchestra, so the word literally means "empty orchestra". It consists of a form of musical entertainment where an amateur singing with a microphone, using as background or accompaniment music a recording, which can be set to the color preferred by the singer in modern equipments. Also on a screen is displayed the lyrics with some indication of the time where every word of the theme is.

The history of karaoke comes from Japan, where as in the rest of the world entertainment to base of music at meetings and meals has always been popular. Introduced the first karaoke machine singer Daisuke Inoue, who realized the potential of the system when asked repeatedly by attending their concerts for recordings to be able to sing along with them. He began leasing these machines running with coins to various establishments, and this form of entertainment began to become popular. The first machines used tape recordings, and later the system was implemented in Cds, Laserdiscs and today is found on DVDs.

Today karaoke is available in a large number of bars and night establishments, and although he has "passed" the initial fervor that put him fashionable in the world continues to have a large number of followers. In addition, you can download karaoke songs for the personal computer (to .kar files), for cell phone and even some car radios. The proof that this entertainment has permeated deep into popular culture is of incidentally also in the industry of cinema, and many movies "Lost in Tokyo" have incorporated it to their plots, as "the wedding of my best friend", and "the unbearable (The guy),".
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