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What is a Mormon?

A Mormon is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although they are popularly known as Mormons (due to the scriptures call using the Book of Mormon), the name by which they are identified is of "Saints of the Last Days" or "LDS". Mormons, according as they are known at present there since 1830, when the LDS Church was established as a religious organization.

As the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon faith is centered on Jesus Christ and his worship is to God the Father in the name of the Son. Considered the Father as a loving and just be, you want to guide their children to return to live with him in the heavenly kingdom, and Jesus Christ, as the being who gave his life for human beings, so that they may repent of their sins and be clean to go to the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ would be the only mediator between God and men. They also believe in the Holy Spirit, as being that allows communication between the Father and his children, who reveals the truth of all things and who leads men to do good. They believe that both the Father and the Son have bodies of flesh and bones, but perfect, while the Holy Spirit is a spiritual being that its influence may dwell in people.

Mormons also believe in the Plan of Salvation. This means that all humans lived before God in a premortal life. In that place would have been just spirits but God, with a tangible body, as He wanted them, so he prepared a plan. Those who accepted that plan would be sent to earth to gain a body and face different experiences that would grow and improve. Those not accepted, that would be one third of the spirit children of God, have been expelled from that place with Satan, without the possibility of a body or earthly experiences. Once on the ground, people should act on faith and keep the commandments of God to return to his kingdom, but this time as perfect beings. That would be fulfilled through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who gives resurrection with perfect bodies and immortal, and forgiveness, if people do their part.

Also very important are the prophets to the Mormon. Would the men chosen by God to act on your behalf and teach people. They must have the Priesthood, which is the power and authority of God given the man to act on their behalf. First Adam, and later others like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc. The prophetic role would have continued until Jesus Christ and the Apostles who were persecuted and killed. At that time, God would have removed his authority, because of the sins of the people. Spiritual darkness would have continued until 1820, God called Joseph Smith as a new prophet, after centuries without them, and would have given the authority to restore the primitive Church of Jesus Christ with prophets and apostles. To date there have been 16 prophets since Joseph Smith; the current prophet and president of the LDS Church is Thomas S. Monson, with two counselors and 12 Apostles.

A Mormon is governed by the teaching of the prophets, past and present, as well as four books considered sacred: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. Of these, the Book of Mormon is the one that represents them, but believe that all these books are one. For them, the Book of Mormon is the keystone of their religion, which proves the veracity of the LDS Church as the Church headed by Jesus Christ today. In fact, constantly invite everyone to read the book and ask God himself if that book is true through prayer.

Mormons Sunday is the Sabbath gather. On this day, try to devote their actions to God, attending church, performing service, sharing as a family, visiting the sick, etc. Every Sunday perform the sacrament, recalling Jesus Christ with bread and water. The sacrament is the main thing all day resting and preparing all week to participate in it with dignity.

The dignity of so-called SUD, you get to keep the commandments. In addition to the 10 commandments, the most typical commands that follow are: the word of wisdom, commandment given in Doctrine and Covenants as a revelation to the Prophet Joseph Smith taught that the body is a temple of God and therefore avoid any substance impure and harmful to the body as smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea and harmful drugs. Furthermore, they promote sports and good sleep. Also the payment of tithes, commandment given in Malachi 3: 8-11, which teaches giving 10% of the income of a person. This money is dealing for the construction of shrines and temples, its maintenance, the various materials used and given away, etc. The tithe should not be occupied by any member of the Church, a leader or not, as this is a serious offense that requires excommunication. To help people in need, Mormons fast once a month, abstaining from all food and liquid for 24 hours. In addition to fasting, an offering of fasting equivalent to what the person saved by fasting or whatever you want to be given. Fasting, tithing and other offerings are made privately with the local leader. Also, it is very important to Mormons, support their respective governments and enforce laws of their respective countries.

Finally, something that characterizes the Mormon marriage is. He is considered the most sacred commandment, which allows them to reach the top after this life. To do this, Mormons are prepared to live the law of chastity, which teaches not have sex outside legal bonds of marriage. Also, do not view pornography nor participate in any activity that promotes sexuality before marriage or other persons with whom they are not married. After a civil marriage, Mormons perform a very sacred ceremony to be performed in temples, which are the most sacred LDS buildings. Sealed in the temple marriage for eternity, to meet again after death. One of the strongest teachings of Mormonism is to strengthen the family. They believe that is the pillar of society and the best shelter against evil. Therefore, they tend to perform prayers as a family, read the scriptures together and do many activities such as "Family Home Evening," which held every Monday or once a week, to speak, teach each other, cooking, fun, etc.

The Mormon or latter-day saints, believe in baptism by immersion, ie, diving into the water, from the age of 8 years. Normally, meetinghouses or chapels, baptismal fonts are provided where the ceremony is performed. Currently, over 13 million people are Mormons, ie belong to the LDS Church, distributed in almost all countries of the world.
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