'Tittooing', the fashion tattoo nipples

A new aesthetic whim, which became fashionable a few months ago among women of Liverpool, is the tittooing, which consists of tattooing the nipples to define them or alter its shape and color, for solely cosmetic reasons, using a technique that was used to complete a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
It is that the tittooing has its origins in the paramedical micropigmentation, a complementary therapy of reconstructive surgery that is performed after the mastectomy, and intended to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast reconstruction after surgical removal to what is usually used in the treatment of breast cancer.
For breast cancer patients, the fact of recover the normal appearance of her breasts after treatments, has helped them psychologically and has allowed them in many cases to recover their self-esteem. Thanks to micropigmentation is achieved even give the appearance of having dimension to the nipple and the areola drawn.
The tittooing is carried out under local anesthesia and its results last between 12 and 18 months
Now, as it has happened with several therapies that initially developed for other purposes, has emerged the tittooing so that all those women who are dissatisfied with the color or shape of their nipples have the possibility to modify or define them, provided that it can afford to pay the around 1,400 euros which costs the intervention.
To make this type of tattoo is used local anesthesia, and it takes approximately two hours. It is important to point out that it's a painful procedure because of the extreme sensitivity of the area, and that the results are not permanent, but that the new look of your nipples only will remain between 12 and 18 months.
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