What is the alphabet in English?

We will then review the pronunciation for each letter of the English alphabet, as you can see is the same that we use in Spanish but without the letter "n". This happens because the alphabet that we use is the Latin or Roman, which is the most widely used in the world (for example for the Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc...) with slight variations for some languages.

Letters of the alphabet in English. The list consists of the letter and its pronunciation:.

(The letter, which is written as in Spanish and English) - ei (how to pronounce; read this as if it were written in Spanish).
B bii
C sii
D dii
E ii
F eff
G yii
H eich
I ai
J yei
K kei
L he
M em
N en
Or ou
P pi
Q kiu
R ar
S is
T tii
U iuu
V - vi
W - dabl vi
X - ex
And - wai
Z zii

As a curious, the most used letter of the alphabet in English is the letter "E", with a rate of 12.7%, and the less used, is as one it imagines, "Z", with only 0.07% of use. References aside, you'll be able to note that the pronunciation of certain letters can be very similar (for example the C and Z, M and N), which by means such as the telephone or radio is heard practically same, which could lead to dangerous confusion in the case of aircraft for example, or boats; Therefore it is that for those special applications used the alphabet of NATO, where is assigned a complete word to each letter, what we will see in detail in another article.

It is also necessary to warn you that as in Spanish, not enough to combine the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet in English to form words and say them correctly; Unfortunately it is not as it is the case with the numbers, but they apply a set of rules as in any language, which by far exceed the scope of any article. If you feel motivated after reading the article, it is a good time to take an English course, either online or with a teacher.
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