5 apps to combine your clothes

It fashion, is a concern of many people, and not all have eyes of designer to be combined as models every day. The good thing is that always is the technology to give us a hand.
If you want to have a closet that is worthy of a socialite , and leave everyone with the mouth open with your outfits, we will present you some apps special to combine your clothes.

5 Cloth

If you have lots of clothes, it is difficult to categorize it and know how to choose the look that is suitable for every day. Cloth, is an application that helps us look provided as models.
Available for devices iOS, this application allows you to take photos of your garments, organizing them according to categories and tags. When you want to choose, you can try the look from your smartphone and try if you combine, without having to be testing outfits.
It Cloth, has also a very interesting function: reviewing the State of the climate for that day, recommends how you should dress to not pass heat or cold.
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If you're a fashion expert, you can take pictures and send them to the site of Cloth; the rest of the users can put them note and add comments that will help you in your journey of fashionista.

4 pose

With versions for Androidand iOS , Pose is an application dedicated to help you say what to wear each day, with ideas that are customized according to the place where you live, occasion and personal style, as well as being a mini social network for lovers of fashion.
Pose, not only works with the photos that you have, that you can save in your application through photos, but also presents options that you might like and can be purchased online.
If you have a casual party or going to a wedding, Pose you will find the best outfit for you, considering both the things that you have in the cupboard, as also suggestions that you can buy.
If you go crazy with an outfit, you can save it as a favorite and access it whenever you want. Each user has a profile, where she shared what she likes, and can interact with the rest of the community.

3 ASAP54

You like a dress you saw in the street and I want for you? Instead of stopping to that strange to ask where you bought it, you can take your mobile phone and use a special app.
It's ASAP54, an app dedicated to discover fashion and, than by a process of image analysis, detecting which store or collection is an outfit, just need to show a photo.
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ASAP54, recognizes not only clothes, but it also puts at your disposal a team of stylists
professionals who recommend you the best costumes. It is also a vibrant community of fashionistas; If this app fails to find a dress for the photo, they agree to do so within 24 hours, not bad.
See other styles and receive suggestions!

2 Walk In My Closet

Any fashion lover should know this application called Walk In My Closet, where you can create your own virtual closet for then compare, buy, sell, or simply keep your shopping list.
This application also has link with Instagram, so if you are also a lover of this social network you can access and publish your images, expanding the means by which you can give to your style.
Would you like that the world can marvel at your closet and advice concerning new trends? Then Walk In My Closet is the application that you are looking for!

1 WiShi

Our greatest recommendation comes from an application based on a start-up, seeking bring out the best of fashion and social networks. We are talking about WiShi, a social network that also invites you to create a virtual closet, to share with other users.
Once done that, you can use your camera to WiShi Cam system adding quick and easy your items to your profile, and next to the large community of WiShi create the best combinations.
Another facility that offers this application is to create themed outfits, whether you want to attend a gala party, a casual way out with your friends, a romantic date or a halloween party.
Do you use applications to help you with the costumes? Now you already have several options to enhance your style and get the better of you.
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