Concept and What is: Bichoterapia | Psychology

The bichoterapia aims to integrate humans and animals in therapeutic contexts that span visits, entertainment and leisure time, and also while conducting tests and maintenance of patients on life support. This idea is consolidated in the project known as Animal-assisted Activity-AAA. This therapy is also called ' pet therapy ' and ' AAT '.

Animal assisted therapy-AAT-is a similar entity involving several healthcare experts, advised by animals in the treatment of the sick or in preserving the psychic balance of the elderly. It is commonly used in point processes, fisioterápicos and psychotherapeutic, which seek to stimulate physical and emotional reactions in patients.

It is scientifically proven that pets awaken in man organic and mental attitudes undoubtedly affirmative. Studies show that patients react more rapidly to therapy clinic when they receive a visit from an animal. The Delta Society institution, non-profit international organization, bet on this evidence, promoting the power of animals to rehabilitate sick.

According to this organization, a visit to the sick animal, for only 12 minutes, can restore health to patients with heart or lung problems, in addition to reducing blood pressure, stop the flow of hormones that can ruin the heart, and ease anxiety of internal dysfunction in this organ. Other polls, this time carried out by the University of New England, of Australia, shows that the owners of animals are less susceptible to psychological imbalances and episodes of hypertension.

Experts argue that the critters help the man in the rebalancing of your body by providing to their owners or companions unconditional love, donated of his own free will. This attitude frees in the human body a greater dose of dopamine and serotonin, which help you rest easy and convey an impression of happiness. This causes an enhancement of the immune system, the illnesses disappear and people feel happier.

It is important for a person who is sad or depressed to have someone to babysit, bathe, eat, have a companion for your trips, finally, return its existence lost purpose. This being, in the absence of a loved one can no longer return to human society, may well be an animal.

It is in this sense that some organizations promote, for example, the contact of the pets with seniors, with the aid of psychologists, veterinarians and physical therapists. Arising from this meeting advantages such as improved muscle tone, more driving force, development of sensitivity, greater ability to socialization, transportation and a good recovery from memory. According to the experts in this field, the dogs usually print faster in this healing process.
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