Concept and What is: Erotomania

The Erotomania is listed as a psychiatric illness. In 1921, the French psychiatrist Gaëtan Gatian of Clérambault published a revisionist study and improved on what is known as Erotomania. Because of their studies, Erotomania has also become associated with the name of Clérambault Syndrome. This is actually an illusion in which a person thinks another, usually of higher social level, is in love with her.

The first references to this type of occurrence are reported by Hippocrates, Erasistratus and Plutarch, even in Ancient Greece. But in the psychiatric literature considered the first record date 1623 and was made by Jacques Ferrand, which introduced the term "erotic paranoia" that was in use until replaced by Erotomania. Over time, the design of which was indeed this anomaly also has changed. In ancient times, was considered a disease by unrequited love. In the eighteenth century meant excessive practice of physical love. In the nineteenth century, unrequited love was seen as a form of mental illness. Already the current design portrays Erotomania like a delusional belief of being loved or loved by someone else.

The Erotomania causes a delusional belief in an individual that someone else is secretly in love with him. Expressions of such delirium may even make the person suffering from this syndrome think that she and the person who supposedly loves to communicate, in secret, using simple everyday gestures. Interestingly, it is what happens in general, the person who is judged to love has little or no contact with the individual who suffers from Erotomania nor know a fictional relationship started. It is very common for the other in the fictional relationship are singers, actors or politicians. In this context, Erotomania relates in cases of schizophrenia.

There are famous cases of Erotomania like John Hinckley Jr., who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan believed that the actress Jodie Foster was in love with him. Or the fictional relationship imagined by Margaret Mary Ray with David Letterman. This syndrome which creates the illusion of secret passion of another person has been represented in cinema, in series, drawings and songs, popularizing Erotomania.
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