Meaning and Definition of Abnormal

Abnormal is an adjective used to refer to what is outside its natural state or conditions which are inherent. Examples: "the birth of an animal with two heads is quite abnormal", "It is unusual to do so hot in this region", I've noticed some anomalous results in this study.

To understand the concept of abnormal, we must first know what is considered even says normal. Normality is related to something that is in its natural state or that acts as a rule or standard. You can associate which is said to be normal to the usual.

Abnormal is therefore just the opposite: the unusual, what escapes to the common or the logic. Suppose that in a given country, nine out of ten people have black or brown hair. We can say that normal, is that people are brown. Nascent a baby blond or red, it will be considered abnormal insofar as this is rare.

It is important to note, however, that the concept of abnormal usually has a negative or discriminatory connotation. Normality, after all, can be subjective or, as in the previous example, a simple consequence of statistics. This does not mean that the abnormality is wrong, incorrect or objectionable: it is just different or unusual.

Morality also has influence on the definition of abnormal. If it is considered normal in a monogamy society, the person reports simultaneously with multiple partners will be considered to be abnormal.
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