Meaning and Definition of Immoral

Immoral is an adjective used to refer to it or the one who is opposed to morality. Morality, for its part, is formed by the set of the values, customs, beliefs and standards of a person or a community.

Examples: "several religious groups consider immoral advertising with two women and a man in an intimate situation", "the rock band gave an immoral performance that has scandalized the public," "be a millionaire in a poor country is immoral."

The immoral is therefore moving away from moral or actions that are considered correct. It is expected that people adhere to a sort of guide to living and acting which is governed by the moral: when they depart from their principles, they engage in immoral behavior.

Morality depends on each culture or social group. However, what is immoral for some may not be for others. Sexuality and religion are often objects of moral debate.

In some groups, a woman having sex with casual partners may be considered immoral. In other contexts, however, such behaviour does nothing abnormal or shocking because it is a decision that falls within the private sphere.

There are also accused of immoral man or woman who has two partners simultaneously, or who does not attend the religious service indicated by the ecclesiastical authorities. It is clear that the immoral, therefore, depends on many factors, as well cultural as generational.
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