Tips for buying clothes online

Today, almost anything you can buy on the Internet and it is possible to get the best prices that local stores, which always tempts us.
If you are a fan of fashion, or simply want to save some bills by buying online, we want to give you some Tips for buying clothes online. With which you'll not only save money, but that you can buy the size that you need.
Something very important to point out, is that the clothes also pays taxes to enter your country. Each nation has a minimum amount on which is applied VAT and taxes of internment. It tends to be around $30. Find out the corresponding to your country and saving you money. Sometimes it is better to place more than one order, especially if the shipping is free or very cheap.

Calculate the size

In each country, the way to label clothes by size is different, and in addition brands have their own system of sizes, so you never know if it will be you, too big or too small.
If you want to know what size you belong according to the country, you can make it through online applications. One of them is Calcuworld that, in Spanish, helps us find the size corresponding to different places, calculators for men, women and children, both in clothing and footwear.
One of the best ways to be sure of the size that we need, is to take action. And, ideally, someone to help you to obtain more accurate results.
Most of the clothing online stores let you calculate the size according to measurements. And if they are in inches, you can use an online converter.

Beware of Chinese clothing... And not only for the quality

The Asians, tend to be very thin body, so even if you buy the size that we use normally, this we will have short or tight.
If you are going to buy clothes in China, always opt for one more size you normally use, two if you use a system of numerical sizes and not letters. To buy safely the most sellers offer a comparative chart in inches or centimeters of the different clothes and their respective sizes. We recommend you read and compare with your measurements to make the right purchase.

And when you buy shoes?

One of the more complicated to buy without try on clothing items are shoes, since not only must stay well in size, but also to feel them comfortable. In general, is not the best idea to buy shoes online.
If you just want to buy them, there is a way to measure its size either. Take off your shoes and socks and requests another person to draw the outline of your foot on a piece of paper. Take measures according to the drawing. Not only midas in outline, but that the height of your instep. If you are a high instep, buy shoes always is more complicated.

You are looking for information and discount coupons

Before you buy in a store online, search online experiences that have had others, so you check very important data when it comes to what to buy or tricks to get better results.
If you want to buy in an American store, these are often accept coupons. A way to find them is through website Retail Me Not, where you can find discount codes to use.
The best moments to buy are, for example, during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday (first Friday and second Monday in November), or special sales that are made in as the 4th of July holidays and other public holidays.
It saves money and prevents to spend hours in a mall. If done well, buy clothes on the Internet is a great way to be trendy economizing.
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