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A brand often has the connotations of the 'promise' of the product, the point of differentiation of product or service with respect to its competitors which makes it special and unique.
Marketers are trying to provide a product or service, a personality and a differential through the brand image. Therefore, they expect fixing the image in the mind of the consumer, i.e. associating the brand with the qualities of the product image. As a result, the brand can be an important element in advertising: serves as a quick way to show and tell the consumer what the supplier is offering to the market.
The trademark not only allows the identification of goods or services but also represents the prestige of their manufacturers. Advertising, our commercial action, attention to the customer at our points of sale,... all of our actions affect the value of our brand.
In very competitive markets, having a brand can be the difference between survive without more and have great success. In this way, having or not of a differentiated brand, is part of the fundamental strategy of any company, regardless of its size and is, clearly, a competitive improvement tool.
Create a brand of general scope can be available to only large corporations because of high spending on communication device, any company that based its strategy on the specialization in a specific market, can develop a brand whose scope is limited to this market and focus their efforts on its sphere of influence.
Per all of the above, it seems necessary that any business is capable of measuring the value of your brand at any time, because as it is well known only improves what is measured. This is the purpose of a brand audit.
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