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Bandit is a term that is often used as a synonym of criminal or thief, but you can assign a special meaning. A bandit perhaps is a fugitive from justice or an outlaw.
Examples: "the Sheriff has offered a reward for information leading to capture the bandit who robbed the Bank", "three bandits entered the House and stole all the family savings," "if it catches the bandit, I think that the Commissioner will reward us.
A bandit, moreover, perhaps the person who steals a uninhabited or desert place or on the cars on the road: 'Lacking only a few kilometres to get to destination when a bandit crossed front of the car and took goods from travellers', ' Beware during the trip: there are a lot of bandits who lurk on the sides of the road. , "The bandit has benefited because of the lack of vehicles and embarked on our car."
In colloquial language, a bandit is as one outside the law, i.e., a person who deceives or that scam: "I can't believe it! You are a villain who betrayed my trust! ","If ever I meet this bandit, he will have serious problems","your father threw me out of the House accusing me of bandit.
On the other hand, Bandit is a model of the Suzuki brand motorcycle.
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