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Bet is the action and the effect of bet. This verb, in turn, refers to the action of risking money in the belief or hope that something will have a certain result or will take place in a certain way. If the person making the bet is correct in his prediction, it makes money. Otherwise, it loses.
Examples: "I won the bet: I bet that the selection would beat his opponent by more than two goals, what has finally happened", "Tomorrow, I will pass you to collect the bet", "I intend to pay the dinner with money from the bet.
Take the case of two friends watching a game of tennis on television. One of them says that the winner will be the Player X, while the other argues that the winner is the player Y. Friends, therefore, decide to make a bet: one who guess the winner of the match will win $ 20 (i.e., one who loses the bet must pay this amount).
Inter alia, the bet must not necessarily involve money. In the above example, friends may well bet that the loser will have to go out with women's apparel.
It is known as bet, in addition, that invested money or risk a person in a game of chance or cards, such as roulette or poker.
A bet, well, maybe the confidence in a person or an initiative, without having certainty on its performance or its conduct: "this player is a personal bet of the president, given that coach did not agree with its recruitment," "open the bakery was a rather successful bet."
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