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Genius is considered to be a vast mental potential. The word genius comes from the English Genius, the French Génie and German Genie. For the most part are individuals with a great talent that, in the case of artists, soften their suffering, their earthly trials and their pain through the cathartic process, namely, the purification of the passions, in creating true masterpieces. Since the mid-17TH century this term indicates the potential creator in its most sublime expressions. In its origins, however, referred to the creators and protective deities.
In the 18th century, the aesthetic currents reduced the concept of genius to the artistic field. Kant is one of the philosophers who argue that chain. According to him, so even the word genius denotes the human spirit, which was granted to the man from his birth, and this source sprout ideas that occur throughout life. But everything indicates that these bright artists are often persecuted by psychic disorders or personality deviations. Some are afflicted by depression and alcoholism, as Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Hemingway and others. According to some scholars, these problems seem to have the power to stimulate the creativity of these great beings.
Other men regarded as geniuses presented, alongside the gifts inherent in your mind, problems with sexuality. Hitler, for example, had premature ejaculation, Gandhi already funneled through their sexual urges for political militancy. It is common to also find among many geniuses a sexual orientation homosexual or bisexual. Various psychiatric disorders have manifested themselves throughout history in personalities considered geniuses – bipolar disorder in Virginia Woolf; paranoid schizophrenia in Schumann; psychomotor epilepsy in Van Gogh, among other mental disorders.
The Jinn have a mental brilliance as no other creature, there are no limits for them, but emotionally they are proving to be very sensitive. In them the intellectual part prevails on the determination, allowing them to generate total contemplation works, without any interest purpose. A child prodigy is one that has a special talent. But a gifted is not necessarily a genius, because he can be very good in certain fields, but leave something to be desired in other areas. He can also do not adapt to conventional education. The fact of not being exceptional at all is what distinguishes the gifted genius. This always changes, somehow, the ideas that govern a given season, gives a new face to the world.
There are several ways to measure the degree of a person's intelligence, which can help determine whether someone is or is not a genius. The IQ test is the most common, although he is no longer considered satisfactory for many scientists, since it measures only a few angles of human intelligence, leaving other side faces. According to this survey, however, a score above 140 points may lead the person to be defined as genius.
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