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Definition of Slag

Slag says something belonging or linked to the milk. A slag can be a producer / manufacturer or seller of milk. Applied to a food, the adjective means what comes from milk (like cheese or yogurt).
Examples: "children should consume more dairy products to have a healthy growth', 'cheeses are my favorite dairy product', 'the producers decided not to increase the price of dairy products.
Milk and derived food products (which are usually obtained from processing and fermentation of the milk) are quite perishable and must therefore be stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is important that the cold chain is maintained until the product reaches the final consumer.
It is believed that the consumption of dairy products began about 8500 years ago. The Neolithic nomads were the responsible for the domestication of sheep and goats and the start of production of dairy products.
Currently, most dairy products come from the cow. However, sheep, goat, Buffalo and other animals milk is also consumed. Due to their nutritional properties, dairy products are popular all over the world.
Milk, butter and cream are products dairy without fermentation, obtained from the addition of nutrients, the elimination of their fat content or other processes. Fermented dairy products, there is mention yogurt and cheese.
Note that milk contains lactose, a disaccharide which is not tolerated by those who have irregularities in the production of an enzyme called lactase. Therefore, it is said that these people suffer from lactose intolerance.
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