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Pelvic exam

The pelvic exam is the way that have doctors, usually gynaecologists, examine the female genital organs and other bodies that are within the pelvis.
They discussed the pelvic exam:
The vulva is the external genitalia of the female.
The uterus, patients also called the womb and vagina.
The neck of the uterus, which is the lower part of the uterus that opens to the vagina.
The fallopian tubes, which are tubes where are going the eggs from the ovaries to the inside of the uterus.
The ovaries, which are the organs which produce eggs.
The bladder of the urine.
The rectum, which is the final part of the large intestine before the year.
The pelvic examination is conducted during gynecological women on a regular basis to perform. It also occurs when a woman is pregnant, when the presence of a sexually transmitted disease is suspected, or when there are other symptoms of Gynecologic pelvic pain or abnormal flow.
Pelvic examination includes the genitals scan manually and the introduction of a Speculum to take a cervical cytology, or samples for the study of a sexually transmitted disease.

Pelvic exam prep

These are the issues that you must consider when you undergo a pelvic exam:
Duration: the test is performed in a few minutes.
Entry: the test is done on an outpatient basis.
Is necessary to be accompanied?: don't have to be accompanied by although it might help if it makes you feel more relaxed.
Drugs: is not necessary to take any prior medication.
Food: is not necessary to go on fasting.
Clothing: you can wear any clothes you want to but it should be easy to remove from the waist down.
Documents: any document is not necessary.
Contraindications: nor pelvic examinations are performed in very young women or who have never had sexual relations.
Pregnancy and lactation: not contraindicate the realization of the test, although it is important to tell your doctor the possibility of that is pregnant.

Other considerations

You can be more comfortable if you empty the bladder and the bowel prior to testing.
If you are allergic to latex should warn their doctor explore it with gloves made of other materials like vinyl.

How pelvic exam

Scan usually takes place in the consultation of the gynaecologist. Feel free to ask all questions you may have about exploration. The doctor or nurse be asked to undress from the waist down for privately. They provide a robe or a blanket to cover themselves. To perform the scan you will be asked to it lay it face-up on a special table with the legs apart and your feet in some Stirrups.
First is inserted a Speculum in the vagina, which is an instrument with two valves that are separated and allow open the vaginal cavity and thoroughly observe the cervix. In this way, with a small spatula, brush, or they will be holding a cervical cytology.
After the PAP will draw the Speculum and the doctor will make a maneuver called bimanual examination. To do this, the doctor will be gloves and will introduce you two well lubricated fingers into the vagina previously. With the other hand you will feel and pressure above the pubic to explore the pelvic organs. Sometimes also performed a rectal examination. To do this, after you put on the gloves, enter is a finger well lubricated anal hole looking for tumors or other abnormalities previously.
Pelvic scan can be a bit annoying but not painful. Just need to be calm and relaxed as possible. No complication is expected.

Pelvic exam results

Finds that the doctor normally observed in the pelvic exam you will be discussed immediately after the scan. Sampling for cytology or studies of possible infections is sent to different laboratories so that they are analyzed. The results of these tests can take several weeks.
The report with all results will include data on the technique used and the findings found. The type of discovery can vary widely:
· There may be skin lesions on the external genitalia suggestive of a like a herpes, syphilis or genital warts-sexually transmitted infection.
  • It may be a pathological flow characteristic of disorders such as candidiasis, trichomoniasis or gonorrhea.
  • In the neck of the uterus may be lesions suggestive of a tumor. The uterus may be enlarged and suggestive masses of fibroids can be felt.
  • She is seen and felt the ovaries increased in size with lesions suggestive of ovarian cysts, etc.
It is advisable to go to collect the result of pelvic exam and not assume everything is normal because the results you are not delivered in a few weeks. The doctor will give you the results and will instruct you on the need for other complementary examinations or treatment if necessary.
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