Biography of Osama bin Laden | The terrorist most wanted

The terrorist most wanted, responsible for the massacre of the twin towers, has caused a real shift in recent history.
He was born in 1957 in Djedda, Saudi Arabia, of yemeni father and a mother native to Syria. He was the son of humble stevedore who managed to become the largest contractor of works of Saudi Arabia. The father of Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Muhammad bin Laden, engineer and architect according to some sources, simple peasant according to others, left his home province of Hadramaut, in the center of Yemen, at the beginning of the 1920s. Apparently, settled in Hedjaz, Saudi Arabia, in 1932. There, it made a colossal fortune thanks to his relations with the saudi Royal family, who commissioned many public works, and stood out as a rigorous and honest business man. His mother, he said, was not the favorite wife of Muhammad bin Laden, who had 54 children with 11 wives. One of them was Osama bin Laden. Osama, who was educated by private tutors, had a childhood and Golden youth, hobnobbing with the sons of Saudi princes.
When Muhammad bin Laden died in a helicopter accident in 1968, all its vast industrial empire passed to their children. Osama, with 13 years, inherited 80 million dollars. During his studies at the University of DJedda, bin Laden was influenced by one of his professors, the Islamic fundamentalist Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, pawned in the release of the Islamic cause of encouraging and foreign domination of Muslim youth to return to the strict tenets of the Islamic faith. In 1979, after completing studies at the University (got Djedda University a diploma of engineer after five years of study), became part of the staff of the family company's engineers.
From 1979, Osama Bin Laden begins to give importance to religion, no doubt as a reaction to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. That same year the Islamic Revolution swept the regime of the Shah in Iran and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. His professional career was truncated; Osama left the company to join the armed movement that fought the Russian military presence in Afghanistan, following the call of Jihad, the holy war.

Osama bin Laden
Its mission was to collect money to finance the resistance of Islamist movements against Soviet occupation troops. He wrote also violent tirades against the Communists, not to mention also the "decadent" West. In 1980 he began to recruit proafganos guerrillas and establishes their first camps. He was trained by the CIA and learned by the instruction how moving money through phantom companies and tax havens; to prepare explosives; to use encrypted codes to communicate and to hide.
At that time the United States contributed their unconditional support to all Afghan groups due to their involvement in the war against the USSR (between 1979 and 1989 Americans gave nearly three billion dollars to the Afghan resistance, which helped Bin Laden, and about 35,000 fighters, from 40 countries, were trained as guerrillas in training camps located along the border with Pakistan). In 1988 he founded Al Qaeda, the Base, in Arabic. The majority of its members are veterans of the war in Afghanistan. The Group has bases in Algeria, Uzbekistan, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Chechnya, the West Bank and Gaza.
The definitive break with its American allies occurred in 1990 when, in its combat against Iraq, U.S. deployed troops in Saudi Arabia, land of the Muslim holy places of Mecca and Medina. Knowing that, after the Gulf war, the American presence would last longer on saudi soil, Bin Laden multiplied their appeals to overthrow the saudi monarchy. This decision brought him first banishment, in 1991, and, two years later, the loss of saudi citizenship. He moved to Sudan, where he stayed for five years, but, due to the pressures of the United States, he was expelled by the Sudanese Government.
In 1996 he moved with his family in Afghanistan, establishing his first contacts with the head of the Taliban, "Mullah" Muhammad Omar. He gave in marriage to one of his daughters and was made to build a luxurious and spacious mansion where he lived with his large family in the stronghold of the Taliban (has four wives and 13 daughters), spending without improving the road and sanitary infrastructure of the city for nothing. That same year, echoing the demands of the members of the bodies of national security, President Clinton authorized the CIA to use all means to physically eliminate the saudi billionaire and destroy the political structure and military created by this, but none of the mercenaries hired by the American espionage (spoken of more than one thousand) managed to accomplish the risky mission.
Your organization established as priority objectives the attack to the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Bin Laden was suspected responsible for the U.S. attacks in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, which provoked 263 deaths in 1998, and the attack on the Cruiser US-Cole in Aden in October 2000, with 17 dead. We calculated that it was in possession of a fortune of $ 300 million.
After the attack on the twin towers of New York of September 11, 2001, which killed thousands of people, became the most-wanted terrorist, but neither the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan led to his arrest nor was no certainty about his whereabouts until ten years later: May 1, 2011, the President of the United States , Barack Obama, announced that the leader of Al-Qaeda had been slain in an operation conducted by U.S. military commands in a residence on the outskirts of the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Chronology of Osama bin Laden

1957Born in Djedda (Saudi Arabia).
1968Dies in plane crash his father, Muhammad bin Laden, who bequeathed his vast fortune to their children.
1976In the University of Djedda receives the influence of Islamist fanatic Sheikh Abdullah Azzam.
1979Soviet troops invade Afghanistan. Bin Laden leaves the family business, and, following the call of the holy war, joined the anti-Soviet guerrilla.
1980Receive training by the American CIA and recruits fighters in Afghanistan.
1988He founded Al Qaeda, formed mostly by veterans of the war in Afghanistan.
1990As a result of the Gulf war, it breaks relations with the Americans.
1991He was expelled from Saudi Arabia for their activities and moved to Sudan.
1996He is installed in Afghanistan, where it has the support of the Taliban. It initiates a campaign of attacks against American interests. It soon becomes the most wanted terrorist in the world.
1998Embassies-attacks U.S. in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.
2000Attack on the Cruiser US-Cole in Aden, with 17 dead.

September 11

Suicide pilots of the remains to crash commercial airplanes full of passengers against the Pentagon and the twin towers of New York, which end up sinking, causing thousands of deaths.
07.59A Boeing 767 of the American Airlines take off from Boston headed to los Angeles.
08.01In Newark, a Boeing 757 of the United Airlines takes off in direction to San Francisco.
0810A Boeing 757 of American Airlines departs from Washington Dulles Airport with destination to Los Angeles.
08.14Another Boeing 767, this time from United Airlines, part of Boston for Los Angeles.
08.45The device that has taken off to the 07.59 h from Boston crashes against the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.
09.03The device that has taken off to the 08.14 Boston h crashes against the other Tower of the World Trade Center.
09.43The device that has taken off to the 0810 h of Washington crashes into the Pentagon in Washington.
10.07The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.
10.10Sinking the wing of the Pentagon on which it has starred one of the hijacked planes.
10.10The Boeing 757 United Airlines has taken off to the 0810 h of Newark crashes on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.
10.27The North Tower of the World Trade Center come down.

Osama bin Laden and the September ii

On September 11, 2001 at least 5,000 people died victims of terrorism unprecedented, when the towers twins of the World Trade Center in New York, of more than 400 metres high, were reduced to rubble. In Washington, a wing of the Pentagon (US Defense Ministry) was destroyed. Four planes with passengers on board were used as flying bombs against the United States.
The terrorists, all names Arab, belonging to the network that Osama Bin Laden had woven around the world, committed on the morning of this fateful day the greatest terrorist act has occurred in the world and that no one would have thought that it could happen. Separated into four groups, at least 19 terrorists hijacked four planes. The various groups of authors each embarked on cities of the East coast of United States (two in Boston, one in Newark and one in Washington) on flights to Los Angeles or San Francisco. Shortly after takeoff, air pirates neutralized to the members of the crew and settled under the command of devious devices.

Route of the 9/11 planes
The first plane, coming from Boston, is designed as a bomb against the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York; a second plane impacts in the same manner against the South Tower just 20 minutes later. The position and the clash of the aircraft was an extreme precision. In both cases they crash against the skyscrapers to two-thirds of its height. Large appliances, filled with kerosene for a long distance trip, exploded as a result of the violent impact. Inside the two towers fire did raise the temperature to more than 900 degrees. Part of the buildings above the clash sank over the lower, which could not withstand the pressure, causing the almost simultaneous collapse of two skyscrapers. At the time of the disaster were about 20,000 people working in the offices of the twin towers. Those who are above have no possibility of escape. Dozens of people prefer dying throwing out windows before that perish charred in the towers. Which are on the lower floors trying to escape from this hell down the stairs, while the majority, when it comes down, know what has happened. About 15.00 people manage to escape, but 5,000 die trapped in the rubble.
Some minutes after the double massacre in New York was another catastrophe: a third aircraft that had taken off from Washington crashed into a wing of the Pentagon in the U.S. capital. This device was also filled with fuel and reproduces the same scenario of death and destruction. The balance of the attack is of 184 dead.
The fourth hijacked plane, this time from Newark, had to be crashed into the summer residence of the US President at Camp David. The plane did not reach the target and crashed on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

Manhattan after the attacks
About 226 passengers were aboard four diverted aircraft. Some of them could speak with their relatives by mobile phone before the fatal impact. "We have been kidnapped, and there is no way out. "I love you much!..." These are the last words of a passenger to his wife. In the apparatus crashed in the vicinity of Pittsburgh some passengers tried to reduce the pirates suicide air. Thanks to them the presidential residence in Camp David has been saved.
President George W. Bush was at that time in Florida, visiting a school. Dismayed, refers to that the event is a "war against the United States" and asks their fellow citizens 'solidarity', assuring America victory in this conflict of "good against evil". It also reaffirms that those responsible will be found and punished.
Early indications were not long in blaming the terrorist network established by Osama Bin Laden. First a car found in Boston, where he discovered a manual steering of a Boeing 767 in Arabic language. Then, information of passengers with Arab on Board of each of the four aircraft names and tickets only from ida. Most of the members of these terrorist groups had meat of pilots in the United States. Before the attacks, three of them had spent long stays in Germany, where he had studied issues related to Aeronautics (in Hamburg) with great discretion. In the homes of some of them, the researchers found evidence of relations with Bin Laden, declared suspect of having ordered the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and in 1998 the bloody attacks on the American embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.
Quickly, in the crosshairs of the United States are Afghanistan, where the taliban regime had granted hospitality to Osama Bin Laden, and Pakistan, not to mention an old enemy: Iraq, especially when the Baghdad regime has justified the attacks of September 11 as a consequence of the violence exerted by the United States in the Middle East.
On 16 September United States officially asked the Taliban deliver Osama Bin Laden, and Pakistan requests the closure of its borders with the neighboring country and cooperate with them.
At the end of September, the United States have three aircraft carriers stationed in the Gulf Arabian. On the other hand, Uzbekistan opens its air bases to American troops transport aircraft and Tajikistan indicated that also offers its cooperation with the United States. On 30 September, President Bush Announces imminent militarily against the Taliban in Afghanistan, while no other country should feel threatened, until new order, by American threats. It is the announcement of the Afghanistan war. She will be the war in Iraq, for their alleged collaboration with terrorism and possession of weapons of mass destruction. 9/11 was, ultimately, a historical date whose consequences we cannot assess
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