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(Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon;) New Orleans, 1976) American actress. Though for his career it seemed destined to become a specialist in romantic comedy, in 2006 was awarded the Oscar for best actress for a dramatic role in the film walk the line, James Mangold, which played the role of June Carter, partner and wife of legendary singer Johnny Cash country.

Reese Witherspoon
Daughter of a surgeon of the military, to be four years old the family left his small hometown to move to a military base in Wiesbaden (Germany). Three years later the Witherspoon returned to the United States and settled in Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Reese was a quiet child, despite what his mother, a nurse, decided to present advertising castings to seven years. Although the vocation of the small Reese was far yet to manifest itself, there is no doubt that this activity was beneficial years later, since the camera and dish did not come you unknown.
Aside from the ads running frequently, nothing foreshadowed it became actress. His favorite pastime were the books, I read isolated from his family and friends. But he soon discovered the theatre, hobby that led her to participate in a contest of young talents who had the fortune to win with eleven years.
Initially he call his newfound vocation with his passion always, English literature, discipline who wished to study. So he enrolled in Stanford University. However, his university activity lasted only two years, since in 1990 was required by Robert Mulligan for the filming of summer in Louisiana, since his character and his physique of southern girl (face of blonde innocent and just 1.57 m tall) conform perfectly to the role.
After several appearances in films without excessive impact, in 1995 shot, alongside Mark Wahlberg, the obsessive passionthriller. It was then when he realized that his film career could go far, that was confirmed when a year later he worked on Freeway, a violent independent film directed by Matthew Bright and where he shared cast with Kiefer Sutherland and an also young Brittany Murphy.
Freeway, won a prize at the Sundance Film Festival, unveiled it among the followers of independent cinema. The subsequent issuance of the HBO film and the excellent rate of audience harvested the face of the young actor of Louisiana became family. Interestingly, the International Film Festival of Catalonia, held in Sitges, chose her best actress in the program.
In 1998, Reese Witherspoon did realize one of his dreams: shoot with Paul Newman. The legendary actor from Ohio worked in at sunset, Robert Benton. The cast, which also included Susan Sarandon and Gene Hackman, could not be more spectacular. But it was a deeper longing which was accomplished a few months when, in his twenty first birthday party, he met Ryan Phillippe, who later became her husband. When shortly after he worked with him in the torrid film cruel intentions, they were already boyfriends. That same year was born Ava Elizabeth, the first daughter of Reese and Ryan, who decided to get married.
Cruel intentions, morbid adaptation of dangerous liaisons, allowed Witherspoon hone its charms by naive in the role as Annette Hargrove (transcript of Marie de Merteuil) and increase its current account at $250,000, an amount that at that then seemed a fortune. The young woman was on a streak: called it for the shooting of American Psycho, Christian Bale, and to participate as a guest star in one of the most popular TV serials of United States, Friends.
But the production that launched her to fame was undoubtedly a very legal blonde (2001). The role of Elle Woods seemed made to your measure. It was the typical blonde, seemingly silly, only interested in her wardrobe and find a good match. Abandoned by her boyfriend, who wants to enter politics and find a couple more classy, Elle admitted to Harvard and manages to study law. The film was a box office hit and became the new hope of the romantic comedy actress.

Reese Witherspoon in a very legal blonde
and on a tightrope
Within this genus are framed his following works: Sweet Home Alabama (2002) and wilderiana the importance of being earnest (2002) adaptation. In 2003 he filmed the second part of a very legal blonde, project in which participated also as executive producer. Experience was very rewarding, and with the retrieved money decided to mount a year later his own production company, Type A Films, included within the Universal Studios group. The year started well and finished even better: Deacon, her second child with Ryan Phillippe was born in autumn.
Tired of interpretive tics that it behaves the comedy, and master of its destiny, Reese decided to print a twist to his career, and specialize in more serious roles. The first of this new phase was that of Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair (2004), Mira Nair. In this film gave life to a ruthless woman, determined to climb the social ladder at any price.
In his second dramatic attempt, Witherspoon gave the nail on the head. His work in walk the line (2005), where he portrayed June Carter, sentimental and artistic partner of the legendary Johnny Cash country singer, won the unanimous applause of criticism, an unexpected Golden Globe (among other many awards) and, above all, the Oscar for best actress. It is true that in 2005 the list of nominees did not include rivals too experienced, with the obvious exception of Charlize Theron. Fortunately (surely) to Reese, Theron had already received the award only two years earlier.
With few weeks of difference on a tightrope, Witherspoon made his return to comedy, I wish were true. Although overshadowed by his work in the Oscar-winning film, it's one of the best interpretations of the actress, who shared the poster with Mark Ruffalo. For his involvement in Penelope, Mark Palansky, it received 29 million dollars, which became the best paid actress in Hollywood, supplanting Julia Roberts.
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