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Apotheosis is a term derived from the latin apotheōsis and distant originated from a Greek word which means "deification". The concept can apply to the granting of the dignity of the gods to the heroes.
The apotheosis was a ceremony that was all in the ancient world, mortal (like an emperor or another monarch) with divine characteristics. This means that these virtuous men, after their death, were elevated to a separate category of the gods.
The Greeks, for example, not only offered a majestic and solemn funeral at the great men of their time, but also were and their rendered divine honours through the apotheosis.
The concept, currently and by extension of this classical sense, is used to designate the exaggerated excitement or the adulation of a person: "the apotheosis of the singer in his native country was obvious during the last series of concerts in the local theatre", "To be frank, I have the feet well on Earth and I do not believe in a blaze beyond the good intentions of people" "Some officials celebrated the apotheosis of their superiors in order to achieve a promotion".
The apotheosis, on the other hand, may be a manifestation of great excitement that takes place at a time of an event, a party or another collective Act: 'With the last goal, came the apotheosis', 'the public shouted and cheered in the middle of the apotheosis '.
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