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Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha, beta and gamma. It corresponds to the letter D in the latin alphabet. By resemblance to the shape of the capital letter delta, means delta the Earth (or land) resting in the arms of a river at its mouth.
Examples: 'my grandfather has a home in the delta of the Paraná River","flora and fauna of the river delta are very rich","boats come and go through the delta under the beautiful Sun of January".
A river delta is a triangular territory that forms at the mouth of a River through sediments deposited. The delta consists of arm separating the Islands formed by the sediment transported by the own River.
A delta wing (also called hang gliding), on the other hand, is a vehicle that can hover and fly without engine. Takeoff and landing are on foot and at low speed.
Delta is also the name of a family of rockets built by Boeing. The Delta I rocket was launched in August 1960 and later Delta II (1989), Delta III (1998) and Delta IV (2001) arrived.
Delta Air Lines is an airline based in Atlanta (USA), which was founded in 1928 as Delta Air Service. It is one of the founding companies of the SkyTeam alliance.
Delta, finally, is a line designed by the Italian automaker Lancia.
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