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Mace is a knotty stick that formerly served (i.e., from antiquity to the 16th century) blunt weapon. This weapon consisted of a stick iron (or lined with this material) and a larger piece (big head), or a club whose end was wider. This end of the mass was the heaviest part of the weapon and causing damage to the opponent.
The creation of the club dates back to prehistoric times when it was used in the fight between the men, but also to hunt wild animals. Over time, the Club has evolved and his head began to include blades or iron spikes (or even spikes studded), lead, brass or other metals.
The mass and the scourge are certain types of Club. This weapon, however, became obsolete after the development of shields and defensive weapons.
In a completely different field, a Club is the terminal swelling of body expansion (or extension) known as the Appendix of various insects, specifically their antennas.
There are also expressions involving the term "Mace", namely: "blow", that says in reference to any event which was not expected and leaving shattered or when a product is sold at an excessive price. and 'punchline' who said that an argument that amazed the opponent, i.e., that leaves no room for doubt because it is weighty argument.
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