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Pinball is a verb that comes from the English concept (to flip), which can be translated as "shake" or "shake". This term is common in the colloquial language and slang, including french: ' it's blase what the computer can do! (in this case, "blase" is synonymous with "amazing" or "surprising").
In french, therefore, you can use the word flipper with reference to be excited by something or someone, hallucinate or panic (fear). The concept is also used as a synonym for getting high or be under the influence of a drug.
Examples: "these red fungi are used for Pinball", 'Teenager, he did not stop Pinball until there finishes hospitalized', ' the public has begun to freaked out with the opening chords of the guitar.
The idea of Pinball is always linked to mental agitation. It may be an experienced emotion or excitement to an event, an enthusiasm aroused by a passion in the spirit of the person or a big surprise that generates something. It is possible, in this sense, Pinball (rave) at a concert of rock or a football match because they arouse feelings. People can also Pinball for dogs if they really love animals or movies from a particular developer.
Pinball may be linked to drugs, the action associated with the modified state of mind which can include hallucinations or unusual sensations when the body is in its normal state (such as lightheadedness, dizziness, palpitations, disorders of vision, etc.). Thus, a person who Findlay may not be aware of his actions.
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