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Latin hearingstatement is to instruct, the flow of knowledge, the course follows a process that is processed or the set of rules for a purpose. The verb hear, in turn, means indoctrinating or teaching.
Military said from what belongs or what is linked to the militia or war. The concept can be used to appoint the members, facilities and institutions that make up the armed forces. The prefix 'pre' indicates the local or temporal anteriority or priority.
The definitions of these concepts (education, military and pre) allow us to understand what is the pre-military instruction. It's a recruit basic training before joining the military as a full member. This training is the first step to a more advanced and specific instruction.
Pre-military education usually focuses on the rehabilitation of the individual so that it can adapt to the military environment and develop a different role than it has in civilian life (as a citizen). Furthermore, it helps to equip the recruits that can reach to the armed forces of knowledge and various skills.
The way in which military training develops varies between countries. In Switzerland, for example, it is voluntary and it prepares young people for military service. 15-year-olds may be authorized to attend courses of instruction until they enter school recruits, but at the latest until the age of 20 years.
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