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Concept and Meaning of Regret

A regret is a lamentable complaint form which may include various samples of distress, such as screams, sighs or tears. Regret can be a manifestation of pain, distress, or discomfort.
Examples: 'is there nothing more regrettable than the cry of a mother who has lost her son', ' stop with your regrets: makes - me money that you owe me if you don't want to have problems ","regret to the player after having missed the chance to score a goal could be understood in the stadium.
Regret therefore reflects a sentence or a similar feeling. Its manifestations vary according to the intensity of emotion in question. If a person who is about to open the door, dropped his keys on the ground and must bend down to pick them up, she can complain with a sigh or a short sentence like "Ouch!" In this case, the regret is an almost instinctive reaction of discomfort.
An individual who has just suffered a tragedy (as the death of a loved one in a car accident, for example), however, regret in a more notorious and widespread manner because of the seriousness of the Act and what he feels inside. The individual is likely to scream, cry and have other reactions frightened.
Another way to understand the concept of regret is as a verbal declaration or an expression that includes the complaints. If a man says to another it is very tired because it has a lot of work and some free time, one may answer him: "Instead of regret, you should be happy to have a job."
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