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The resignation is a concept that refers to the renunciation or relinquishment of a job, office, a position, a Commission, etc. The term comes from the word latin dimissio.
Examples: «the Director has not accepted the resignation of Dr. Lurezzo», «people gathered at the main square to demand the resignation of the Mayor», "the resignation of the coach was a surprise for the players."
By resigning, the person performs a unilateral act: one who holds the position, decides to leave. Thus, the resignation is different from dismissal, where an authority or a superior requires the person to relinquish his post.
In everyday life, however, there are resignations which are not unilateral but consensual. The coach of a basketball team can meet with the directors of the club after a series of defeats. During the meeting, all parties agree that it is better to set aside in order to avoid new unrest among supporters because they are unable to reverse the situation. The coach has decided to resign.
There are even cases where resignation is mandated by an authority, that resembles a dismissal, but which has different legal consequences (by resigning, it receives no remuneration). The president of a country is not satisfied with the work of the Minister of the economy. The Minister, moreover, often made statements to the press who do not like the Deputy. In such a situation, the Chair requested the resignation of the Minister.
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