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Approach them in a warm and friendly way, beginning with a sincere smile and a warm handshake. Use the first name of the prospect often. Adapt a step informal, easy to treat.
You sell it and develop a positive relationship before the sales presentation.
Try to know the personality of the prospectus. Ask questions not compromising on the interests and activities of the prospectus. Be condescending and conciliator, professional but friendly. Show the prospect that you genuinely like him or her.
Involve the prospect in the sales presentation and demonstration, as much as possible, so that the interaction is open, comfortable and relaxed.
Negotiate the resistance and objections through testimonies of others, personal representations and warranties.
Choose a warm and affirmative way. Avoid any detail of pressure or aggression.
Follow up with personal letters, notes and phone calls to make sure the prospect is satisfied with the product and develop a relationship of friendship.

The expressive

Introduce yourself enthusiastically.
Converse in an outgoing, enthusiastic manner and with confidence for a few minutes before you start your sales presentation.
Ask questions that allow the prospect a little bragging.
Ask questions that demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in learning about the interests, needs, goals, expectations and dreams of the prospect.
Easily share your personal feelings.
Show appreciation for the skills and achievements of the subject. Congratulate him on his achievements if you can do so in a sincere way.
Keep an elevated mood and a step faster through your presentation. Season your presentation with stories and interesting illustrations.
Negotiate the resistance and objections candidly and in confidence.
Close with live resources that give positive support to achieve personal goals of the prospectus as well as also the goals of their organization.
Track confirming purchases with an enthusiastic and friendly call.


Approaching the prospect in a funny way, of I congenio, in understandable ways, and set the purpose of your visit.
Be prepared for deep questions about the product, its construction, features, applications and benefits.
Make your presentations in a logical, objective, unemotional manner and at a deliberate pace. Use facts and statistics to support their arguments.
Negotiate resistance and objections by offering a detailed analysis and findings made.
Close to sum up the advantages and disadvantages in buying and using the product.
Continue reaffirming the scientific information of the studies and research that support the analytical customer's purchase decision.


Approaching the prospect directly with a firm handshake business and hands in a reliable way.
Be well prepared, organized, step slow and direct to the point.
Present its points of sale clearly and directly showing how product will help the prospect to meet your goals.
Negotiate resistance and objections directly. Do not try to prevent or give a false appearance on the questions and concerns of the prospectus because handlers are very persistent in getting answers.
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